Fat Mogul vs. 2015

With the couple minutes before I need to leave for work this morning, I thought now might be as good of a time as any to sit back and reflect on the past year.  It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster, to say the least.

In the personal realm, I left my job of nearly 8 years somewhat unexpectedly, and spent the following 8 months or so playing the role of Mr. Mom.  It was fantastic, but ultimately, could only be short-lived, due  to the whole need to, you know, pay bills and whatever.  And finally, after years of being incapable of landing a single new job, I finally got offered several jobs all at the same time…all for the same place.  The United States Postal Office, a place where the childhood version of myself had long dreamed of working….and the adult version of myself as well, to be honest.

And I’ve loved it.  The work is hard, the days can get pretty long (especially during the Christmas season…which is still occurring apparently), but it’s actually a job that if it weren’t for the organizational issues, would be considered quite perfect for me.  Well…that and the whole not being around for Christmas with the family thing, but we’ll get to that in a moment. Heck, I’ve lost ten pounds in the couple months since I started there, meaning I’m seeing muscles I haven’t seen since high school…not to mention numbers on the scale that are actually lower than those days.

But…it’s not a perfect world, unfortunately.  Not only is it difficult not knowing when I’ll be home on a regular basis, or which days I’ll have off, or, well, a whole host of other things, but the past two months have involved very few days of actually being home with my family during the time my kids are awake.  Christmas Eve, most notably, meant that I missed all of the festivities that occur at my house with the in-laws (which I suppose could be considered both good and bad 😉 ).  My kids, who were ecstatic over the idea of me being a mailman when I got the job, have taken to regularly telling me that I need a new job because of how much they miss seeing me.  And my wife, although being incredibly awesome about keeping up the house in my absence (as well as taking care of all of the kids’ needs, which seem to be neverending), is definitely yearning for the days when I can take back some of the Mr. Mom roles.  She’s been awesome about it, but I can tell she’s ready for things to get back to where they were once again.

Which means I’m back on the job hunt again…something that I don’t incredibly enjoy, but something I’m hoping will go better than the last time, considering how long it took for me to finally land any position.

In the world of writing, however, it’s been a banner year as well.  Not only did I release two books, The Long Chron AND The Agora Files – Part 2, but I also got included in my first Anthology, Gifts from the Dark, and have a play that I wrote (with the assistance of some very clever folks) being put on at the Eau Claire Children’s Theater this very month (I suppose that could be considered a 2016 win, but since it got put on the schedule during the course of 2015, I giving it to the previous year).  Include in this the fact that The Legend of Buddy Hero was included in the #SuperBundle over at storybundle.com, meaning I sold more books in the course of 30 days that I have collectively over the past 3 years and, well, I think you can see how exciting 2015 was as a writer.

Of course, the past two months have meant that I’ve done almost no writing whatsoever, which is rather disappointing, but I have high hopes that the coming months will bring back a regular writing schedule as soon as I adjust to life’s changes once again.  I sincerely hope so anyways, because I’ve got some fun books lined up for writing next, including my intention to complete the Agora Files saga this year…fingers crossed.

There were so many things that made me smile over the course of the past year.  Just getting to spend the summer with my kids outside and all the time was very much a highlight.  I know that this past summer has made it all the more difficult for them to acclimate to my current lack of being around.  But even though I hadn’t intended to spend the majority of this year unemployed, I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

In summation: 2015 was a year of a lot of change, change which I think, once the dust finally settles (hopefully early here in 2016) will end up being for the better.  It’s been a long and tiring year, but one that I think has been very good for me personally, and hopefully for my family as well…or at least will have been when the look back upon it.  Sure, there are things I would have changed, but ultimately, it was a good year.  And I’m pretty happy about that.

Here’s to the coming year and all the new surprises it may bring!

Have fun out there!



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