Book Release Announcement: Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread by Cake and Quill

Hey folks,

I know things have been quiet on here for a while and I’ve done very little to prep all of you about this, but guess what?  I’ve got a new book out!  Today!  That’s right, at this very second, folks!

Well, to be completely honest, my involvement in this anthology was quite a lot smaller than I would have liked back when I initially signed up, but hiding within the covers of this gem of a book is easily the weirdest story I’ve written to date.

But, if weirdo stories by me don’t get you one-clicking, let me tell you, the other works in this book are fantastic!  Well, not all of them, let’s be honest.  If any anthology was a complete grand slam, well, I’d guess that someone made a deal with someone to make that happen.  But I’d say that easily over half of them are stories you simply MUST read.  Probably 2/3rds.  Or even 4/5ths.  Really, just get the book and read it already, because you know you want to.

Fine, you need another reason to buy the book, howabout this:  All proceeds go to charity.  To a group called Step up on Second.  They help folks with mental illnesses do things like, you know, have a house to live in. 

So, just think, not only can you get a book featuring the work of some of my favorite authors writing today, but you can also consider it a write-off on your taxes (I am not a tax lawyer, but I’m fairly certain this is entirely inaccurate).

Seriously, if you’re looking for something dark to read on All Hallow’s Eve this evening, or, even in the coming months….or whenever, pick up Gift from the Dark.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Buy it now!


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