Gifts from the Dark: A Miscellany of Dread

COMING OCTOBER 31st, 2015!

A stalker, leaving a trail of paper roses. A recurring nightmare, suddenly real. A young mother, fleeing those who want to take her child. An old lady, left alone in a strange land. A man, driving to see his girlfriend, on a road where a serial killer roams. A woman, striking a deal with the king of hell to save her soul.

A collection of stories & poems, each a small gift from the dark place where fear and dread dwell.

compiled by Angelika Rust / Cake & Quill

edited by Catherine Lenderi

cover design by Charlotte Stirling

All the proceeds of this book will go to a charity which provides clinical support to mentally ill homeless people in the LA area, as well as advocacy and other services. Amazon takes 30% for their overhead, so 70% of your purchase goes directly to help those in need.

For more information, and to learn about the author coalition responsible for this anthology head on out to


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