Fat Mogul vs. New Genres

So, as part of this whole new and exciting future for the Adventure Novelist you’ve come to know and love, I’ve found myself itching to move into some new genres.  Now, I’ve never exactly done so well with the idea of sticking with one specific genre.  There’s a great deal of difference between Daddy of the Dead and The Long Chron.  However, I’ve got some stories I’m working on that seem even further removed from the more imaginative sci-fi-esque pieces I’ve put out to date.  The first of such pieces will be available in an anthology due out in the next couple weeks (I should really probably get that date memorized one of these dates) called Gifts from the Dark.  The piece in there is actually almost boring, especially when compared to The Agora Files.  But, it tells something a little deeper…although I’ve been told the subtlety of it tends to go over many folks’ heads…

But I’m moving into some much more folksy pieces.  In fact, the next novel I have to edit is incredibly folksy, having large portions of it consisting of old men talking.  The new piece i’m writing at this very moment is a bit of a nostalgic piece based on my own personal history.  And I’ve got a story I’m itching to write very soon which is basically a romantic comedy…and actually…the comedy piece of that one will be mostly non-existent.  So will the romance, come to think of it.

Of course, each of these have a sense of adventure to them, but they’re different.

And, from everything I’ve read, this could be a killer move for me as an artist.  Readers aren’t always so keen on genre-jumping authors, but I have to write what I’m inspired to.

However, this isn’t really as much of a cautionary note for myself, but a note to all of you, my faithful readers.  You see, I’m not forgetting those stories which you have already come to expect from me.  Agora Files part 2 is due out in the next month and I’m already putting notes together for part 3.  I’ve been putting some thoughts into another story in the world of Daddy of the Dead.  I’ve got a lot of the plotting done for Return of Kid Zero (and honestly can’t wait to get this one together).  And I’ve got a story about the concept of Hammerspace which I think could be genre-changing to be completely overly confident.

I want to write all of these right now.  I mean, seriously, if I had eight hour days to focus purely on writing, I believe I’d be well on track to release at least 6 books next year.

But the point is, I’m not allowing myself to be constrained to one style of writing, whether or not it will kill my barely-existent career.  But what I will promise you is that the adventure will continue, and I believe each of these stories will continue to give you exactly what you’ve come to expect from me.  A wild ride.  Even when the story is just about a guy trying to get a paper done on time.

So, speaking of things to do…I’m getting back to work.  Have fun out there!


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