Book Review: The Hades Contract by Ken Mooney

A 18300381long long time ago, I was honored to read an early excerpt of the first book in Mooney’s Last Olympiad series, Godhead.  Once the book was finally released to the public, I was ecstatic to see what he had going on with the thing.

Fast forward a brief period of time and I got lucky enough to read a beta version of The Hades Contract.  Then I had to wait over a year to tell anyone about it.

Book delays aside, once this book finally came out officially, I knew I had to give it a re-read.

And I’m glad I did.

The Hades Contract is a spectacular follow up to Mooney’s Godhead. Sure, we might get some background on Aphrodite that might cause us to completely reevaluate how we feel about her, something which this reader, to be honest, was saddened to find that there might be redeemable qualities in the super-villainess of the first book.

But, favorite-character-revelations aside, this book does everything a sequel should. It ups the odds, gives the characters more confidence, and overall, gets readers more excited for the next book. I mean, seriously, what could Mooney possibly have in mind with the way The Hades Contract takes the series.

I loved Godhead, I really did. But with the sequel, we’re seeing a much more grown up form of storytelling. Sure, there might have been more sex and gore in the first book, but in this one, we’re seeing some true gravitas, some real human understanding, and quite a bit of foreshadowing for things to come.

If you liked the first book, you’re bound to love this one, even if Aphrodite might have more going on that we initially thought…

Seriously, buy this book!


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