Book Review: Mermaids by Pankhearst Writers Collective

25158128As with all short story collections, you’ll find that some stories work for you and some don’t.  But, this collection is different than many in that instead of a vague theme, these stories all work on a very solid high concept idea:  What if there was a big flood?

I have to admit that although many of the stories in Mermaids weren’t quite my preferred style of storytelling, I was impressed throughout at the epic scope each of these tales had, while still keeping themselves rather brief.  Many of the tales would probably be better considered novellas as opposed to short stories, but even with that understanding, these action-packed adventures (well, not all of them were action-packed), are amazingly filled with enough to fill a full length novel, while still keeping themselves to the brevity the format requires.

As with other Pankheart collections, this one is definitely worth the read if you’re on the lookout for new and talented authors.

And, if you read through them all (and pay close attention), you might start to realize that there’s a bit more in common between them than a theme.  In fact, you might start to realize that this is a growing collective story…which I’m guessing will be even more evident with the release of Moremaids.

Buy it now!


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