Book Review: Supervillainous by Mike Leon

13627754Quick note:  This book is part of the Indie Superhero StoryBundle at along with The Legend of Buddy Hero.  But I promise that has nothing to do with my review…just that it happens to be yet another excuse to go out and grab this amazing group of books for such a low low price.


Superheroes get all the glory, don’t they?  I mean, how often do the villains really get the time to shine.  They don’t have their names listed on all the comic books out there.  Heck, even when they do get to be at the forefront, they’re generally being forced to do things that they wouldn’t normally do…you know, like save the world and stuff.

So, when I say that Baron Hammerspace, the main character of Supervillainous, gets his opportunity to really shine as a supervillain, you can rest assured that this is one of those rare moments where we get a true glimpse at the glory that is a real supervillain.

This book is written from the perspective of a fictionalized version of the author.  He’s taken on a journalistic position to see what life is like as a supervillain.  And the villain he chooses to follow, well, he might have just figured out how to bypass the whole “good always wins” thing.

What follows is an amusing ride through the adventures of a villain who is constantly being bugged by those pesky do-gooders in bright and shiny spandex.  But this villain doesn’t let anything get in the way, not even other villains.  No, in fact, he’s got only one thing in mind…villainy.

Honestly, this was quite the fresh task on the supervillain genre (a much smaller subset of the superhero genre).  Too often do we see villains in stories like this where they have an ulterior motive which is much more redeemable.  Not here.  Nope.  Not a chance.  Baron Hammerspace is here to chew bubblegum and take over the world.  And he’s all out of gum.  Or something like that…

The book is filled with quite the creative takes on superheroes and supervillains as well.  These aren’t heroes with simple powers to be invisible or be really strong, or fast, or whatever.  No, these are people like The Tether, who can fly, as long as some part of him is touching the ground.

The story itself seems to take something of a backseat from time to time in the event of trying to make a joke out of the tropes of superheroes, but that doesn’t really detract from the book itself, as it really is a fun ride getting a chance to see things from the opposite side of the food chain.

And even though he’s really really bad, you’ll still find yourself rooting for the bad guy.

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