Book Review: Heathers by Various Authors

19475543Short story collections are becoming quite popular among the Indie Author community, mostly because it ends up being a great way for authors to pool their fanbase resources and try to get more people to like them all collectively.

Heathers appears to be one such book.

I love these books.  They tend to be rather inexpensive and they are a great way to try and locate new favorite authors, seeing as the indie author market is so vast and the skill levels of the authors are so varying.  Of course, that exact statement can be made as a point against such anthologies.

I personally believe that short story collections presented with works from multiple authors can really only be reviewed one story at a time.  There will be good stories, there will be bad ones.  It’s difficult to review such a collection as a whole without recognizing the fact that some pieces are ‘meh’ (or worse, while some are okay (or, hopefully, much much better).

The case for Heathers is that the good stories are amazing, and the bad ones fall more along the meh lines.  In fact, reading through the first 2 or 3 stories, I found myself thinking that this collection might somehow buck the dangers of various author anthologies and really knock it out of the park.  But it turns out that this was more due to appropriate realization of quality and the decision to put those first.  But like I said, the lesser tales in this collection aren’t terrible.  They are all very well written and, considering this is a collection aimed at trying to connect to the school aged children in each of us, will probably connect much more deeply with other readers.  But I can say that there are some great pieces in here as well, and if there were any reason to check out a collection like this, it’s to find those gems that hide in among the rest.


All in all, a very worthwhile read!

Buy it now!


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