Book Review: Promise of Mercy by Kurt D. Springs

71BeV3wL1cLI received a copy of this book from the fantastic people at iRead book tours in exchange for an honest review.


Promise of Mercy is actually the second book in a series of books by the author, but I was assured when being sent this book that knowledge of the events of the first book were not important for being able to enjoy this book.  And for the most part, I believe this to be true.  There are a couple things that came up often that I’m guessing were more appropriately described in the previous chapter of this saga that I still feel aren’t quite fully emerged ideas within my head.

But those were all rather small things, things that my own background in science fiction allowed me to make up, even if I would question whether or not my version of the idea was actually matching up with the author’s intent.

However, this title is much larger than minor issues with descriptions.  This novel is a sweeping action piece that is located directly in the center of a major dynamic shift of an entire population of planets.  That’s right, planetS, plural.  Right away at the beginning we are introduced to the revived Founders, the people who centuries prior had actually genetically crafted the beings that would become the population (or at least most of it) that we were talking about a couple sentences ago.  They’ve been re-awakened, as part of a plan they laid out upon their deaths, and aren’t exactly happy with what they see has been done with their creation.


But it doesn’t just stop there, because this leads into a much larger conflict that has been brewing for years, which just so happens to have been nearing a giant battle right as these Founders came up for air.


It’s a huge book, it’s greatly high concept, while also being some fantastic hard science fiction.  And, I’ll admit that for the most part I enjoyed it.  I mean, there’s some really fun stuff going on here.  There’s an interesting juxtaposition of science and magic within all the science fiction-y action.  It’s all quite clever.

And this book doesn’t really stop the action.  The heroes of the tale seem to constantly be on the move to stopping the next issue in order to stay on top of everything and keep the world the way they need it to be.

And here is where my one real issue comes into play.  Although the book is action-packed, the action can get rather slow.  I can’t quite put my finger on it as to whether it’s an issue with the prose or with the plotting of the action or what, but often I found myself disinterested at rather exciting moments in the narrative.  But, of course, that could have been more of a personal issue with my problems with heavily political titles than it really was an issue with the writing itself.

All the same, it’s a fun/fast read and if you have any fun with hard science fiction titles, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this one.

Buy it now!



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