Book Review: Blackbeard’s Revenge by Jeremy McLean

51-tzz3VcMLI had the privilege of reading the first book in this series, Blackbeard’s Freedom, not too long back, and really enjoyed it, albeit with some rather minor distractions.  So, you can imagine my excitement when Jeremy contacted me asking me if I would be willing to read and review the second one.

DISCLAIMER: I did receive a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Blackbeard’s Revenge starts up about a year after the first book left off.  And things weren’t looking especially bright for Edward Thatch and his merry crew of buccaneers.  And things don’t seem to have gotten much better over the course of the time that occurs between books.

Blackbeard, the man who rides on the majestic ship FREEDOM, as much more than merely a metaphor for his own personal quest, seems to have given up on the idea of being free.

Good thing pirates don’t care about things like that!

Okay, let’s get down to the gritty.  This book is a ton more polished than the first one, and is incredibly fast-paced, considering how long of a book it is.  And although there’s a ton that happens within the covers of this title, it never seems to get bogged down with too much at any given moment.  In fact, Edward seems to be rather singularly focused at most times in the novel, giving him a rather Ahab-esque vibe, which, to be fair, is probably the point.

We see Edward’s progress towards being the captain he’s supposed to be, but also, more than anything else, see his failures, many of which come back to bite him in the whatsits, some more I’m guessing will do so in future tales of his adventures.

But in the end, this book is really all about family, and how sometimes, you just have to fight for your family, even if the battle seems completely doomed to failure.

This is a spectacular book, one that I think you absolutely should read if you have any interest in pirate fiction.  Or action.  Or adventure.  Or…really, just read it, unless all you like are Harlequins (in which case, what are you doing reading this review even?)

Seriously.  It’s a load of fun.

But it now!


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