Like some sort of crazed car salesman, I’m going all out here and am completely willing to give you my books for free.

You see, I need reviews.  Badly.  Reviews are what cause other readers to decide which books to buy.  Even bad reviews (sometimes especially bad reviews) can help sell a book.

Which is where you come in.  I will give you a free electronic copy of my book if you’ll promise to leave a review after.  And you know what’s even better about that deal than it sounds?  I’m terrible at following up with people to make sure they leave reviews, meaning the only thing that will cause you to leave a review after you read will be the crippling guilt for reading one of my books for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

I’m serious here folks.  I desperately need reviews.  And although I’m not a fan of the hard sell (I mean, seriously, if you really don’t want to read my books, I get it.  Don’t read them.  There’s a ton of folks out there who would rather watch television than read words.), I will definitely do some pleading.

But this offer doesn’t just go for you, the person reading this post right now.  This post goes for anyone.  You know someone who likes to read?  Send ’em my way.  Or, just send me an e-mail asking for the file and you can forward it to them, in case they’re the introvertive type who don’t like sending out e-mails to folks they don’t know.

And like every good infomercial, THAT’S NOT ALL.  Because this time, I’m willing to work with some hard copy books as well.  Now, I can’t really afford to buy you all copies of my books, but I can afford to hook you up with them at cost.  At approximately 5 bucks a book, you can have the full Adam Oster collection for a mere $25.  If you’re in the Chippewa Valley (that’s Wisconsin for you non-CV folks), I’ll get it to you somehow.  If you’re elsewhere, there’ll be some shipping charges on top of that, but it’s still going to be a whopping discount over what I have to charge through amazon (which is currently about $15 per book).  Of course, if you’re in the Chippewa Valley, I’m always more than willing to lend out one of my own personal copies as well.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  Because, I’m so much in dire need of reviews right now, I’m willing to take things another step further.  You tell me what I need to do to close this deal.  You looking for someone to join your team trivia team, well, I’ll have to clear it with my wife, but you’ve got it.  Need someone to watch your kids for a couple minutes while you make a quick trip out to the convenience store?  Well, my schedule’s pretty busy, and I don’t have a teleporter, but maybe we can work out something through Skype?

But seriously, I could really use your help.  And if you’re one of those folks who have been interested, but not really wanting to fork out the dough for an indie author, I totally understand it.  There’s a ton of terrible authors out there who really don’t deserve your money.  And I’m willing to prove that I am by asking for no money whatsoever (unless you’re getting a paperback off me, in which case, I’m asking for a little bit of money).

Help an author out.  Get a free book (or 5).  Perhaps enjoy some time reading out under the sun this summer.  All you gotta do is send me an e-mail at, or a comment here, or a message on facebook or twitter or whatever.

Seriously…I’m going shameless here.

Here are the details on the five books I’ve currently got available for your reading pleasure:

THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO: Superhero stories take a hard turn to the left with this book.  We’ve all seen origin stories time and again.  I like to consider this one a re-origin, where we find ourselves with a hero who really shouldn’t be a hero any longer.

THE AGORA FILES: When I wrote this book, I had one purpose in mind.  Action!  Of course, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a deep history hiding within the dystopian world here, as well as some engaging characters.  And how many books actually come with a built-in soundtrack?  Perfect for young adults and those who wish they still were young adults.

DADDY OF THE DEAD: Not into long books?  This one should take you only a couple hours.  What happens when a father is faced with the zombie apocalypse when his daughter is hours away?  Take an afternoon and find out!

THE RISE OF THE FAT MOGUL: Sequel to THE LEGEND OF BUDDY HERO.  Like every good superhero sequel, this book has to up the stakes, both in humor and in action.  Watch and Buddy and his crew finally get to work as a team, while also facing off against yet another series of threats.

THE LONG CHRON: Time traveling con artists?  Do I really need to say more?  Okay, fine, how about a mysterious Wizard with a penchant for ancient relics?  Honestly, I think this is one of my most imaginative pieces, and is great for young adults!


2 Replies to “GET MY BOOKS FOR FREE!”

  1. Okay, seriously, I just noticed you had ANOTHER book out. I haven’t had the time to finish Fat Mogul yet! I’m falling behind!!!

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