Fat Mogul vs. Unforeseen Circumstances

When reading through posts like these where folks try to convince you of all the things necessary in order to actually succeed as an author, it becomes quite easy to feel as though you are completely overwhelmed easily, just trying to do the bare minimums, while also attempting to write or edit quite regularly.

But, what’s an even bigger issue are the times in which you get caught up in your regular life and are unable to do even the smallest amount of activity in your author-life…you know, like when your days get filled with babies and poop and energizer-bunny-like three year olds.

Simply put, there are a ton of things that can make it almost impossible to fit some writing in.  And, if you’re someone who is trying to do all the things you’re “supposed to do” in order to succeed as an author, well, it can get mighty discouraging to feel as though you’re failing just at the actual writing part of writing.

Speaking as someone who is not only currently suffering from the bouts of no-time-itis, I can say that it’s sometimes difficult to even get past the point where you’re not writing.  I mean, once you stop writing regularly, it’s really difficult to get that routine back into your day…and routine is one of the most important things about being an author (as well as every other thing that everyone says is the most important thing…)

But you want to know what the most important thing about being an author is (insert tongue-in-cheek smile here)?  Keeping your chin up.  There are so many things that will get you down about being an author, things that will cause it to be almost impossible to keep moving forward, things as simple as just not being able to fit writing into a given day, or getting a bad review, or not having everyone you know immediately jump on reading your work, or…you get the idea…

You can’t expect writing to be a perfect pasttime.  I mean, take a look at the folks you know for the art.  Many of them are/were drunks, druggies, harboring severe suicidal tendencies.  These weren’t people leading happy lives due to their successes in the art…these were people who constantly struggled with rejection, personal and from others, as well as countless other demons, before bleeding their emotions out onto the page.

Art hurts.  And very few artists gain the recognition of the Rowlings or Collins’ or Martins.  Most are just happy to know someone is aware of their work.

So…if you’re down because you didn’t get to write today, realize that’s the least of your worries…more than likely you’ll get to hear tomorrow about how someone absolutely hates your work.

That’s a silver lining, right?

Okay, so, let’s be fair here…there’s plenty of good that can come from any art.  But..you have to be wanting to do it for many more reasons that just to get worldwide acceptance.  You have to do it because it’s in your blood…and you have to bleed it all over the page.

Writing sucks.  Almost every single thing about it sucks.  It’s not easy to put words to the page in a way that even you will like, much less how your readers will appreciate.

So, just be happy that you’re writing…even if you didn’t get to it at all today.

And have fun out there!


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