Fat Mogul vs. The DC Cinematic Universe

I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time now, allowing the ideas to percolate and simmer as I consider the acts of a large business and how they are planning on moving forward, although it would appear that things are not going in quite the best methods.

And…since it would be quite amazing if I were somehow correct in what I believe they are actually planning, I figured I should probably document things here so I can show how brilliant I am at figuring out what other folks are up to…or at least what they should be up to.

DC Comics, you know, the folks who own characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Superfriends, have been rather quiet about what’s actually going on within their world of filmed entertainment.  Yes, we have some movie titles and we have some ideas about things that were going on in the midst of Man of Steel (a movie that I still can’t figure out why people are still so heavily against).

The thing is…they’re doing some rather odd things.

In a world where Marvel is rocking the entertainment industry with their hyper-connected worlds of TV, Film, and now with the amazing Daredevil series, streaming video…DC seems to be going about things in a very opposite manner.

But the thing is, it’s pretty darn obvious that a lot of what they are doing is copying Marvel’s style of production.  They’ve got these single character movies working up to crossover events, and films planned out for years to come, obviously to tell a greater story, all the while increasing drastically the amount of television entertainment they are producing in order to really saturate the market completely with their brand.

And what do they keep saying about their stuff?  That they operate in different continuities.  What this means is that although they are working hard to push all their characters out into the world’s faces, they’re also not doing anything to keep from these pieces getting conflicted.  So, you know, if you watch a movie where Supergirl dies, she’s still going to be alive for the Supergirl TV series…

Actually, this entire conversation gets quite good when you realize that they’ve got a very popular new TV series called The Flash, which is starring a man as The Flash who is not the man who will be playing that exact same character in the upcoming movies.

Now, I get it.  How do you convince an actor who has a big movie contract to also spend his days peddling his wares for television?

But what I don’t get is why they would want to allow their storylines to get all muddled.  The Flash TV series is flying through Flash rogues at top speed…there’s going to be some crossover in storytelling.  It’s going to get confusing.

But then, of course, if you’re a person who has been following DC comics since the mid-80’s…you’ll realize that confusing is precisely DC’s game.

Here’s where I posit my theory.  What if the entire DC cinematic universe is really working up toward telling one of DC comics’ best selling crossover events of all time, Crisis on Infinite Earths?

For the uninitiated, Crisis was DC’s attempt to rectify the fact that they had a lot of conflicting storylines over the years.  For a very simple example…Superman came about in 1938.  That means that by the time Crisis came about, he had fought Nazis in World War II as well as Koreans and Vietnamese (and a whole host of other folks), but was still approximately 30-something years old…as was Lois and co.

DC’s answer…all these stories actually happened, but in parallel universes.

Flash famously dealt with this concept early on in the run of the second character to take the name, during the 1961 comic book called Flash of Two Worlds, where he met the other character to have used the name…whom he had previously thought to have only been a character in a comic book.

As you can see…things can get quite confusing quickly.

Just like DC’s current plans for their cinematic universe…

But here’s where things start to get even further interesting.  There’s the Henry Cavill Superman from Man of Steel, who will continue to be Superman for all movies at the moment…then there’s a Superman being cast for the upcoming Supergirl TV series (although, officially, I believe the casting call was just looking for someone with the profile of Supes), which is said to possibly be in the same universe as the new Flash TV series, which just started getting rumors that Smallville’s Tom Welling could be making an appearance next season as the big boy scout himself…

Three Supermen existing at the same time?

Also…Brandon Routh…the Superman from Superman Returns is playing The Atom in Arrow…which also lends its own interesting ideas…

Yeah, the excuse is that these DC folks don’t want to limit the storytellers’ ability to tell their own tales…and maybe that really is the truth…But let me put it this way: If DC is not at the very least considering the concept of putting Crisis into play on the screen, they are missing a big opportunity for themselves…and being completely stupid, seeing as they now have come about the habit of doing this exact same storyline every few years in the comic books.

There’s the scoop.

Have fun out there!


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