Flash Fiction Friday: Baby Life

“Yaaawwwwn!” Man.  I don’t want to open my eyes.  Not one single bit.

Oh jeez, but my tummy is growling.  I’m starving.  I haven’t eaten in, like, thirty minutes.  Where the hell is my food?

“Aaaaaah!” I will scream until someone brings me some damned food already.  For serious!  “Waaaaah!”

Will someone bring me some food already?

“Unngh!” Wait.  Something else.  I mean, I’m hungry, but there’s something el–


What the hell was that?  I mean, it felt amazing, but holy crap.  Yeah, that was awesome!

Oh crap, but I’m still hungry.  Where is that food already?

Get that thing away from my face?  What do you think you’re doing?  Get it–

Ohhh, food.  Yeah.  Mmmmm…



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