Fat Mogul vs. Getting Sidetracked

I recently became aware of a business opportunity which seemed to be quite the plausible option for me to partake in as a new career path.  Something that appeals to many parts of my own psyche.  You know, things like being creative, organizing stuff, and…well…drinking.

As such, this past week has had me spending a lot of time considering, yet again, alternative options for my personal future.  This wouldn’t be something which would do all that much for keeping me from writing (it would, actually, probably allow for a lot more writing than my current schedule), but would cause me to do some official redesigning on how I define myself, career-wise (something that has been officially needed for a while…even if it’s only been 2 years since I started calling myself an author).

Like mentioned previously on here…this isn’t really anything all that new.  I often like to consider new options…this one just was almost real…as in, making a big leap, putting down money where mouth may or may not be, and really diving in headfirst…something I have yet to do with much that I’ve gotten involved in.

The official plan, well, maybe I should call it the original one anyways, didn’t end up panning out, mostly because of the price tag on that version of the idea…but it’s morphed…into something quite different from the original, but interestingly enough, much more similar to an idea I had been working on for years which I could never quite figure out how to make work…I did.

And I thought I was quite brilliant…that I had come up with something original and unique and awesome and would change the Midwestern world for forever.

Until I did a google search and found that it was actually already a thing…a new thing, but not something I had invented…but also a new trendy thing that was slowly starting to pop up in very trendy areas.  Something that in, say, five years, would be a much more regular thing all over the east and west coasts.

In other words…I actually came up with something cool all on my own and not too far after the actual trendsetters.

No, I’m not going to reveal that thing to you…not yet.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to do it yet, and I don’t want you stealing it from me.

But here’s the important part of this message.

You see…I’ve been mighty sidetracked for the past week thinking about business options.

And I’ve kinda liked it.

Suddenly the future’s looked a little bit brighter than it has, simply because I’ve opened up my perspective for what I could actually be doing.

And I might be able to do it really really well.

Now, this particular idea might not come to fruition.  I did just come up with it this morning, after all.  And it still would actually really allow me to keep doing all the author-y type things I enjoy doing…in fact, might allow me to increase from where I had been.  But it’s where my mind has been.  For the first time in a long time, I’ve been working through some different iterations of my own personal future and actually finding some stuff that I think could work.

And I really like that.

Of course…if you wanted to help me become one of those authors who can make a living off their books, I wouldn’t be opposed to that either…but this might just be an alright secondary option.

So…yeah…I had probably get back to work on those ideas then, huh?

Have fun out there!


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