Fat Mogul vs. Literary Fiction

I’ve long struggled with genre.  I mean, how does one encapsulate the work of hundreds of hours within a simple word of classification?

After a couple years of thought, I took upon the term adventure novels for my work, although it was one that was rather uneasily come by.  It’s true…my works are very much adventure novels, but like other terms that would also fit, you know, things like Dude Lit, Spec Fic, or just plain Sci Fi, they just really seem to make things much simpler than they are.

That’s because of the term Literary Fiction.  The basic concept behind literary fiction is really that the story, no matter what it might be, really serves as a metaphor or an analogy to something much greater.

For a very brief period, I used this term with regards to my work.  Very brief, in that someone caught it and called me out on it almost immediately.  I removed the tag from Buddy Hero rather quickly, because I really didn’t know if I should be so bold as to take on the moniker anyways…but in the end, I’ve always felt rather bad about backing off on that.

Sure, Literary Fiction is, in general, rather douchey…and my books are generally anything but.  I don’t spend pages contemplating some small piece of life, like a plastic bag or a blade of grass, but instead use action to make my points.

But if you really look, I put a lot of work into my books to hide a completely different story within.  Take a look at The Legend of Buddy Hero, for instance.  It’s a tale of a mid-life crisis.  A man lives a life he really doesn’t want, has no clue of what he will be doing for the future, and then has a career placed upon him, only to be forced to question how he will move forward.

Sure, it’s rather silly and crude, but this book really looks into something much greater.  It’s about questioning those things you hold true, about making your own path as a human and really moving into adulthood.

But it’s also about tights and monsters and bad guys.

In fact, the only book I’ve written thus far that didn’t have an ulterior motive behind the words was The Long Chron, my newest book…I mean, there were a few things hidden in there, but overall it was written to be all about the adventure.  Agora Files part 2, like Part 1, is about coming out of adolescence.  The Right to Liberty is quite a bit blatant, but really a revision of the Revolutionary War.  And my newest book idea that’s been taking over my mind is really all about how small the world is, although we spend so much time fighting against each other.

Anyways…I may not take on the term officially…I want to admit here that I like to consider myself a literary fiction writer…even if I do so within realms that are generally considered beneath such writers.  Of course…Animal Farm is one of the more famous pieces of Literary Fiction…and it hides as a children’s book….so…yeah.

Moral of the story is that you shouldn’t get too hung up on labels, but should make sure that folks actually get what they’re expecting from the labels you do put on things.

Alright, have fun out there!


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