Fat Mogul vs. Planning

You may have guessed from my posts last week that I’ve been working through a few things with regards to how I’ll be moving forward on my writing.  Obviously, in one of the posts I went so far as to state that I’ll be keeping from doing much for new novel writing for a while, due to needing to focus on ventures that have a bit more of an actual monetary return…

Well…of course, the best laid plans and all that…I finally figured out the key piece of a story I’ve been mulling over for years, one that was inspired by a trip I took over seas…one that I believe is one of those great pieces of sentimental garbage that absolutely must be written.

Which leaves me with a bit of a dilemma.

I mean, when I finally was inspired on how to actually tell this story I’ve been wanting to tell for a long time now, I had a difficult time not just immediately sitting down and starting work on it…knowing full well that I really need to finish with Agora Files Part 2 first.

In other words, I actually have absolutely no idea of what I’m doing with my “free” time right now and can’t tell you what my focus will be.  Today, for instance, it was “nap”…but that was barely a thing either.

This whole SaHD thing is really taking up a heckuva lot of my time right now, and I’m having quite the difficult time figuring out if I even have time to do anything outside of it.

So…to put things rather bluntly.  I want to finish Agora Files 2, because I feel my readers deserve to see what happens with that series…but anything past that, I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll put the time in to complete The Right to Liberty, or to start UNTITLED BOOK ABOUT GERMANY…or I’ll just work on the whole freelance thing…or I’ll just kill myself bartending…which is probably the actually responsible option.

Well…if I were going to be extra responsible, I’d bartend AND go back to school…


But then I’d have to figure out what I’d be going to school FOR…and that’s yet another capitalized word the I just don’t have answers to.

So…for right now…I’m taking a nap and hoping things look brighter on the other side.


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