Book Review: Kidnap: Book 1 of Guy Erma and Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia

81JzW8Fb8pL._SL1500_So, you might have noticed that I had reviewed a very similar sounding book not so long ago.  In fact, it was a very very similar version of this book, as in, the non-serialized version of this very book.

But, my friends out at iRead Blog Tours asked if I would be willing to give my thoughts on the serialized version of the book as well.  And, of course, me being the ever-willing pawn to folks trying to shill their books, I agreed.

As mentioned above, Kidnap is the serialized version of Guy Erma and the Son of Empire, which should be obvious from the full title.

There does appear to be some rather minor changes between the two versions, but overall, this seems to be purely the first act of the book which, I believe, is intended to now be split into three parts.

But enough of that, how about I get into reviewing this section of the book:

Everybody knows Guy Erma.  Well, almost everybody.  In fact, there seems to be only one person who doesn’t have a direct knowledge of the titular character of this novel, the Son of Empire himself, Prince Teodor.  However, these two seem to have an ongoing relationship which continually works parallel to each other, until the Prince is kidnapped, of course.

Guy is led on a wild adventure attempting to seek out the truth of the Prince’s disappearance, as well as learning a lot of the dark inner workings of the government which may or may not have played a part in this kidnapping.

I’m not much on political thrillers, but this book does have a fair portion of intriguing world building and edge of your seat adventure that it’s hard to mark it down for such a trivial genre issue.  That being said, the political pieces seem to get a little confusing from time to time, while also being altogether rather obvious.

My issues with genre aside, Melia builds a very interesting world, filled with enough unique items that one can’t help but want to read further just to figure out more about the intricacies of this world, like, what is this Dome that they keep talking about, how do blades help you jump higher, and how exactly is Guy Erma so well known when he appears to come from such humble beginnings.

The end of this first book in the series seems to leave us on quite the cliffhanger.  We see Guy questioning how he got where he is, as well as attempting to determine what is really going on…and what he has actually found himself in the middle of.

In other words, if you read the first book, you’ll definitely need to read the next.  And speaking as one who has read the whole thing, I can state that you won’t be disappointed.  This is a fast-paced adventure that will leave you wanting for more.

Buy it now!


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