Fat Mogul vs. The Year of Marketing

from cakepicturegallery.com
from cakepicturegallery.com

In my attempts to become something of a more reputable blogger, I’ve been spending some time, as of late, doing what they call a content audit, which is basically that you review old posts, clean them up if necessary, and you know, recognize the more popular ones and do something to make more like that, or whatever.

Mostly, I’ve just been taking a look back in time to see what I have been talking about on here over the years, as well as doing minor amounts of cleanup work on posts I’ve never read a second time.

Whilst doing this last week, I came across a post which seemed highly notable to me…One that stated I would begin official marketing efforts on my book.  Post date on that post: March 2014.

That’s right, for the last year I’ve been making sure to, once a day, do something which could be considered a marketing effort for my books.

After coming across this post, I realized that it might be about time to do some reflection on what all of this has actually meant for me.

I mean, I’ve spent over a year now working on trying to get my books to have more sales and all that. I’m not going to pretend that my marketing efforts were all that grand in scale or anything, but I’ve definitely attempted many of the standard efforts in order to put myself out there.

And the question that should be asked at this point is: Was it worth it?

This question couldn’t have come at a better time.  With my current status as an unemployed stay at home dad type of fellow, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on my daily activities in order to ensure more effective use of my much more limited time.

Previous to finding this post, I hadn’t even considered determining whether what I was doing was of any worth, but more trying to find ways to get all of the stuff done I needed to get done in a day without dropping anything.

Now that I’ve realized it’s been a year of marketing…I think I can officially state that what I’ve done has been mostly for naught.

I don’t want to pretend that I haven’t had a great year in book sales.  The last twelve months blew the prior twelve months out of the water…but the amount of effort definitely does not add up to the return on that time investment.

My efforts, although definitely working toward increasing my exposure, have been mostly in vain.

So, as with many other items in my daily activity list, I’m dropping many of these.  Things like my goodreads group, forced twitter interactions, facebook fan page shares, and a whole host of other things, they’re going by the wayside for the time being.  Pieces of them will definitely stay in place, but they won’t be standard daily necessities.

This is being done so I can pursue other avenues of increasing my exposure, including working toward finding freelance writing opportunities, as well as locating groups looking for short stories and flash fiction.  In other words, I’m dropping the rather obnoxious activities in order to find opportunities to do more writing…possibly for money.

I can’t promise any of this will pan out either, but I’ve definitely tried the marketing thing per the standard methods and have found it to be lacking.  Changing gears, once again, which is the name of the game for me right now, it appears.

Have fun out there!


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