Fat Mogul vs. Nero Days

found at news.discovery.com where they claim its from a movie poster...but they don't say what movie.  click to go to their site.
found at news.discovery.com where they claim its from a movie poster…but they don’t say what movie. click to go to their site.

A friend of mine recently made me aware of the idea of Zero and Nero Days, basically being the days where you either get Zero writing done or Nearly Zero writing done.

This has been my life as of late.

Not that I’m complaining.  I’ve actually been mostly enjoying my unemployment, even if I’ve been ill for the majority of it so far and just really haven’t quite been getting nearly as much done as I would like.  But that’s alright, because I’m getting to chill with two of my most favorite people on the planet all day every day.  And soon I’ll get to add another to that group of people.

But I miss writing.

I’ve got about three different projects I’m working at simultaneously and all of them are basically stalled.  I mean, I’ve been moving rather slowly forward on my re-read of Agora Files 2, the murder mystery deal I’ve been writing is currently in hiatus to allow me to re-read it with fresh eyes, the item I’m writing for the anthology I’m involved in is, well…it really just needs two days of writing to get completed.  (Update: Three weeks later, and not much has changed except that I finished the first draft of the anthology piece)

But these are all things that could be taken care of quite quickly…things that I just need a few hours to sit back in the quiet and just rock through some words.  Something that I intend to carve out soon…mostly because I need it.

In fact, I’m keeping this post short in the idea that I’m going to do exactly that.

Granted…I won’t actually get to the creative writing portion of my day until something like 12 hours from now (if I’m lucky)…but this will just mean that I get through the other stuff a whole lot faster.

So, yeah…sorry for being lame, but I’m keeping this cut back because I could really use the writing time.

Have fun out there!


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