Book Review: Guy Erma and the Son of Empire by Sally Ann Melia

I got another book from my friends at iRead Book Tours as part of another author’s blog tour promotion.  I got to read it.  And that’s cool.  And I get to review it.

91wuf0Q5vbL._SL1500_Everyone knows Guy Erma!  Or so we learn throughout the course of this book.  In fact, the only person who might not be immediately aware of the titular character of this book could be the prince of Freyne 2, who just so happens to have his fate very much entwined with the Dome’s favorite youngster.

Guy Erma and the Son of Empire is a thrilling political science fiction adventure novel (yay genres!) that is as much about political drama as it is about full-on in your face action.

In fact, there is so much going on within the pages of this novel, so much being set up, so many different perspectives and ulterior motives and other such items, that the book sometimes gets a little too heavy for the action to shine through as I would have liked, exciting moments interspersed with plodding plot unfurling.

I actually found myself rather conflicted with how to rate this book.  There’s some amazing stuff going on in here, and I have a feeling that the pieces that I didn’t connect with were purely due to my general disinterest in heavily politically charged fiction.

What this story does well, it does considerably well.  Early on in this book, you definitely recognize that this has the level of world building you would find in books like Dune.  The action reads a lot like Blade Runner (the movie).  And there’s just a whole lot of world to explore here.

If you like Herbert and Dick, I’m guessing you’ll find a lot to love here.  And it would appear that this is the start of a series as well.  I have a feeling that book 2 will be a must-read.

Buy it now!


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