Fat Mogul vs. Keeping Up with the Plan

Stay-At-Home-DadToday (as in the day I’m writing this, not the day you’re reading it) just so happens to be my first day as an unemployed man (well, the first day in which I’d normally be working anyways).  I, obviously, have my own intentions of not missing out on doing all of the things in connection with my writing that I had been doing before, but now have the need to do so while hanging out with two little boys who, you know, need a great deal of attention.

So far, just about an hour and a half into the whole effort, things are looking pretty good.  I’ve got the infant asleep, and the three year old is hanging out watching some batman while working on some puzzles.  And I’m nearly halfway done with all of my normal daily tasks…that’s pretty awesome.  And we’re still on track to get out of the house and do something active before nap time hits (which is intended to be two hours of getting stuff done for this new SaHD (stay at home Dad).)

With that being said, things are looking up for actually being able to keep moving forward with all the things I’m working on, keeping up the momentum on current books and stories, while also still being able to keep my boys doing the things they need to do in order to stay entertained.

Of course…I’m being quite optimistic.  We’ll see how it goes as things move forward.

Anyways, I’m making today’s article short for this very reason.  I want to make sure that I actually keep up with the items I NEED to do, to see how I can fit in the things I WANT to do.

Good luck to me.

And have fun out there!


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