Fat Mogul vs. The Job Hunt (Renewed)

can't find original source of this image...Let me know if you know it.
can’t find original source of this image…Let me know if you know it.

So, about a month ago, I wrote a post about how I was starting up the yearly job hunt once again.  A week or so after that, I ended up quitting my job of 7.5 years, which is effectively complete 3 days from when I’m writing this, and about a month before this post actually hits the air.

Making this one of the more interesting pre-written posts I think I’ve ever done…you see…because things might be completely different by the time this actually hits the air…and although I’ve been getting better about updating posts before they hit the air, this one is a rant…and it really has very little more to do than continue to be a rant.


Jobs…they suck, don’t they?

You see, over the years, I’ve long realized that what I actually longed for was a career.  My job that I recently left served as one for a very long time (7.5 years, to be slightly more precise)…but it was a career that I didn’t want.  In fact, it was a career that I was afraid existed, considering the fact that my initial intention at the job was just to be there for a few months until we got our heads above water (due to some “we just got married” financial situations), and then run off to figure out what I really wanted to do.

Then we bought a house.

And had a kid.

And another kid.

And another kid….

Okay, so, you get the idea: Life got in the way of me quitting.  Not that there weren’t more than enough times where I could have made it happen during those 7.5 years, but well…there was something that I just couldn’t quite work out: What do I want for a career?

This has, admittedly, been an issue for quite some time.

Now, one could take the easy answer and see that I’d love to do something creative for a career (specifically writing).  The problem is…so does somewhere around 247% of the population…meaning that the field is quite full and it’s rather difficult to make a living off of…especially when living in one of the flyover states.

Besides, although I do work my author role as a real career, meaning I work on trying to make it into a successful business, it’s still a hobby..something I do for fun, to kick back and relax.  I’m still quite concerned about the idea of it ever becoming something more than that…I mean, when the thing you use to break away from your day job becomes your day job…what do you do?

So, I’m on the job hunt right now, but it’s not for a career.  Not yet.  I’m looking for something small, something that will give us some supplementary income while I play Mr. Mom for a bit.  I don’t want to just sit around the house when the kids are at school though…so I’m working on that whole career thing..which, admittedly, has been one of my more pressing issues for, well, for around twenty years now (sadly enough).

Which makes this version of the job hunt a lot weirder than before.  I mean, I’m looking for the same jobs I looked for when I was twenty, jobs that don’t take into account what I’ve done for the last 13 years, jobs that don’t need any real expertise…jobs that really just require you to be able to serve food or beverages to needy people…something I’ve become quite good at as a dad.

But it also means that I’m officially on the verge of a career hunt, forcing myself to come up with a real career…and that’s scary.  Mostly because I still really think that being a milk man would be a good career move for me.

Speaking of which…I think that Wisconsin needs more milk men…it seems like something the dairy state should really have hung onto.

Alright.  I’m out of here.  Have fun out there!

(UPDATE: I’m now almost a month into my time as an unemployed man…and no closer to employed…mostly because I’ve been too busy to actually go out and do the whole job hunt.  Going to have to fix that soon, aren’t I?)


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