Fat Mogul vs. Shoes

mine and my wife's wedding footwear...because she wasn't into the sandals :-)
mine and my wife’s wedding footwear…because she wasn’t into the sandals 🙂

Ranting about shoes?  Jeez, Adam must be really struggling for content…

And maybe you’re right.  It’s just quite possible that with all the lack of sleep from having an infant (and a three year old son who really likes mornings) around has caused me to completely lose random things to talk about.

But the truth of the matter is simple.  I don’t like shoes.  Never have.  Or socks.

If I could, I would go around barefoot all day every day.

And, seeing as I work from home, most days I can, although the floors around this house get mighty cold during these long winter months in Wisconsin.

And I’ve found that as I get older…my feet get colder.

When I was a young man, I would spend even the coldest of Wisconsin wintry days outside with nothing but sandals on my feet.  The only times I would actually put something on that would cover my feet in any sort of protective manner would be if I was going to be doing something that would involve me actually traipsing through the snow.  That was not something which happened often.

As I started getting older…I came to the realization that I really couldn’t do the whole sandals in the dead of winter thing anymore.  It was a difficult understanding that I came to, which led me to something of an important decision…what to wear instead of sandals?  I remember hunting for a long time to try and find shoes that would actually be acceptable for me to wear, considering my whole issue with hating to have things on my feet.

Turns out that a portion of my hatred of shoes revolved around the fact that my feet are wide, making my standard Converse All Stars the perfect thing, because those things are made for people with wide feet.  In fact, with all the lack of padding and everything else, they feel, often times, as though I’m still wearing nothing at all…although my feet do, from time to time, get a little too warm in them, especially during the non-winter month (not a typo) here in Wisconsin.

But here’s where the rant begins…and the rant isn’t even actually about shoes, but about how the body starts working differently as you get older.  As a person who has never liked wearing shoes, and would avoid wearing socks like the plague, I am currently, right at this very second, wearing a pair of socks as I sit at my desk, at home, typing this.

Want to know why?

Because my feet are cold!

Now, to be fair, most of my body is cold…it’s damned cold outside and my house is drafty.  But back in the day, when I was a young man rebelling against footwear, I could have fifteen layers on everything but my feet and not notice a thing.  I remember walking through snow in nothing but sandals and my feet not even pausing to take notice.  Now, I walk around my house in bare feet and I feel as though frostbite might be coming soon.

I’m wearing socks, people!  This is not a drill!

Now, I have taken to wearing slippers in recent years on cold days like this, and today’s use of socks is tied to the fact that they need to be washed from time to time (because my feet sweat profusely…part of the reason I don’t like footwear…and they get mighty stinky), but even the fact that I wear slippers on a normal basis is not entirely happy-making.

I want the feet of my youth!  The hobbit feet which felt as though they were shoes on their own.

Instead of these frail whiny feet that keep asking for more attention…more layers..and more heat.

Heck…I sometimes can’t even walk on gravel with my bare feet anymore!

Forget the gray hairs, the aching backs, the slowing metabolism…what I want back from my youth are those steadfast feet which kept me moving.  The ones who could walk hundreds of miles and never need for respite.

Stupid old age!  At some point we all have to accept that it has come…I choose to complain about it instead

Have fun out there!


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