Marketing Monday: Marketing-related Blog Posts


Hey, look, a self-referential blog post! That never happens!

Even when I started the idea of Marketing Mondays on here, I was a little leery of the idea.  You see, every single author out there, at least the ones who operate a blog, seem to have themselves a regular post about marketing tips and concepts.

Actually…this was the double-edged sword that caused me to move forward with the Marketing Mondays.  The folks who were writing posts on marketing seemed to all be saying the same things, but were also the things that came up whenever I was searching for pretty much anything regarding self-publishing.

In other words, it seems that if you are doing regular posts on marketing, you’re probably somewhat forced to do regular research on marketing and therefore actually do a bit better on the whole thing than many others do.

I’ll admit.  Ever since I’ve started writing these posts, I’ve been doing a lot more research on marketing than I did even before (when I was still attempting my daily marketing research).  And I even decided to pull an old marketing book (recommended by an in-law who happened to have been a marketing professor) off the shelf and give it a good old read…not that I’ve started, but it’s all so that I can sound a little smarter on here…as well as so I can, you know…sell more books.

As far as the selling more books thing goes…it’s moving forward slowly, but a lot better than it was before I began making my attempts, so there might be something to be said about this whole marketing thing.

But this isn’t about whether or not you should be marketing, but about whether or not you should be following the herd and writing your own marketing-related blog posts for your own blog.

Simple answer, probably not.  I mean, there’s a ton of marketing advice already available out there…if you’re wanting to use this type of topic to bring more awareness to your site…you’re probably not going to get anywhere.  If you’re hoping to give some useful info to your current readers, maybe…but then you probably need to be aware of whether your current readers actually want said content (for instance…mine: mostly not).

But, if you want something that forces you to keep up your own research and to actually develop new methods in which to market yourself and/or your books/products…one of the best ways is to be forced to constantly give fresh and unique content…something I keep finding myself running short on, btw.  Something that I’m constantly working on trying to stay ahead of so I can, possibly, just have something new worth saying here.

So, if you’ve noticed all the other bloggers out there talking about how to market this and/or that and thought to yourself: “Is this a requisite topic to discuss as a blogger?” the answer is no.  It’s covered everywhere entirely already.  However, if you want to force yourself to actually try to come up with the next great marketing idea…if might be a fantastic method, although it definitely could serve to push your readers away…especially if they’re much more interested in long-winded rants about the word Literally.

So…that’s it for today.


Have fun out there!


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