Marketing Monday: Social Media by the Numbers

a different set of numbers...probably more interesting than mine. from
a different set of numbers…probably more interesting than mine.

We’ve talked about the using social media before.  Everyone has.  But there’s another question that relates much more directly to something that it seems everyone out there cares about more than producing useful content.  Numbers.

Followers, likes, fans, or whatever else they might be called on your favorite social media site, they are all we seem to care about.  I receive way more e-mails regarding how to get more followers than I do about how to improve my content.

The question is…does quantity really override quality here?

Obviously, there is something to be said about increasing your exposure.  The more people who know you (and your product) exist, the more people that might be tempted to actually buy in.

But at what cost.

I have more than a couple of friends who use social media in what I would consider the wrong way, spending all their time talking about how many followers they have, how many they could get, begging for more, coercing their current fanbase to really get them up to that next tier of followship.

And it generally seems to work…

But does it really make a difference?

A quick look at sales rankings would suggest otherwise.

Now, I’m not going to comment on the quality of their work, but I do want to focus on the message they are sending out when all they seem to care about is how many people have pressed that button stating their love for them.  It really seems desperate.

I’ll admit, I’d love more followers.  I’ve actually taken to, rather recently, working on increasing my twitter fanbase, mostly because it actually offers the best way to look for new readers who share interests, without having to put down money for advertisements first.  But the idea that I would beg my current fanbase to get those new readers for me…I’m sorry…I just couldn’t make that your job.

Hell, I already feel like I owe my current readers a debt just because they’ve read one of my books…how could I possibly feel okay asking them to do even more than that?

I don’t know…what do you think?

In the end, from what I’ve seen in my own experiences thus far, more numbers does not equal more sales.  In fact, social media has driven so few of my sales over the years that I’m still questioning the necessity for it (realizing that I use the platforms rather poorly, so there could be more that could be done).

But I can say…you’re not going to catch me begging for bigger numbers.  If I really want them, there are more than enough ways to get them without bugging anyone.

That’s a really short message for today folks, hope  you don’t mind.

Have fun out there!


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