Fat Mogul vs. Tidbit Thursday

Turns out that I may already be considering the death of one of our weekly features here on the new and improved Adam Oster blog.  Tidbit Thursday…Honestly, even when I came up with the feature, I really had no clue of what it entailed.  Sure, I had thought that it might be a great opportunity to reveal some of the countless pieces of information that rattles around inside my head…but even writing that stuff has felt boring…can’t imagine it’s all that much fun to read.

This week, I’m taking off on the Tidbits to allow my brain to think about whether or not I actually want to come back to it.

If you have feelings one way or the other, definitely hit me up in the comments here or on facebook, or wherever.  I’d definitely be interested to know if folks are getting any enjoyment out of this feature before I ax it.


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