Fat Mogul vs. eCalibre

10391665_203908814701_6603091_nToday I want to let you in on a little secret…a secret that, for whatever reason, it appears that almost no authors know about.  eCalibre.

It’s a real tragedy that so many authors appear unaware of this little piece of software, because if they knew about it, it would quickly become their second most important tool in their editing arsenal (after their Kindle of course).

And, even more crazy:  It’s Free!

So, now that I’ve done a terrible job of introducing it (good thing I’m not actually being asked to pimp this product by anyone and am just doing it to save you all a whole lot of trouble), maybe I should give you a little info about eCalibre…most specifically, what the heck it is.

It’s simple.  It’s a program that converts one type of document into another.  Of course, those “others” are all of the possible different ebook formats you could possibly want.  Want to ship your book out to your beta readers, but they keep complaining about how PDFs work on their ereaders?  Well, eCalibre allows you to easily create the best file format for their device to keep the reading experience as easy as possible, so they can focus more on finding plotholes than trying to read tiny print.

Even better….this program is so incredibly simple to use.  You simply add a book to your ‘library’ and then choose the convert button, and then tell it what file format you want.  Within a minute of having the program downloaded, you should be able to have an ePUB, MOBI, or even an AZW3 of your work in progress available to load onto any reading device you might desire.

You know why I love this program so much?  I mean, I love making things easier for my beta readers…but really, at my heart, I’m pretty selfish.  And when I start the official editing process, I like to just give the book a full read through.  I click a few buttons (including the send to kindle button, courtesy of amazon), and I’ve got my book up on my kindle and ready to read.  No formatting needed.

Seriously…if you haven’t added this free and easy tool to your arsenal yet, you’re missing out.  Especially if you ever try to get folks to read early editions of your books.  It’s almost like you’re trying to get them to not actually read them 🙂

That’s it for today.  Have fun out there!


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