Flash Fiction Friday: New Beginnings

Jerry stood at the edge of the cliff, staring down at the placid water below.  His heart raced as he watched his friend resurface and shot him a thumbs up.

The rest of the group that was with him applauded loudly for the brave soul who had decided to take the first leap down the rock face.  Sure, they had known it was safe to jump, that many had done so before them, but seeing it first hand made things all that much easier.

For everyone except Jerry, that is.  Now he was there, at the precipice, knowing that it was his turn to take the same leap of faith that he had just watched his friend take.  From below, he could hear shouts from Harold, his friend who was now swimming to the shore.

“Come on, Jerry!  It’s fun!” he could make out.  The people around him all shouted at him, pressing him to go next, to make the leap, the one he knew he’d enjoy, but still found his feet plastered to the hard ground.

He looked around, smiling faces all cheered him on, until they finally began chanting his name.

“Jerry.  Jerry.  Jerry!  Jerry! JERRY!” they repeated.

Jerry turned again to look at the option before him.  It wasn’t really that big of a jump, he told himself.  Just twenty feet.  He could do that in his sleep.  And he had just watched Harold do it.  He knew that there was no reason to be afraid.

And there they were, everyone, just waiting for him to make the leap, the leap he had come all the way out here to make in the first place.

He felt tears well up in his eyes as he considered the plunge he was about to take.  There was nothing to be afraid of, yet he was still terrified.  Petrified, even.

Then he felt hands against his back and before he could turn around to look at who had even pushed him, he was airborne.

There was no turning back now…


A little metaphor piece for today 😉


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