Fat Mogul vs. The Job

I Quit!I’ve taken to pre-empting my already scheduled rant for the day to talk about something a bit more relevant to my current life…something that will still be relevant (I’m assuming) if I were to put it in a month out (which is currently how far ahead I am on my posts), but not quite as current.

You see…last Friday, I quit my job.

Now, I’m not going to go into all the specifics about why I quit.  Let’s just say that when I went into work on Friday, I wasn’t planning on quitting, although, as with most days, it wasn’t something that was all that far from my mind.

So, I did it.  I’m in the midst of that good old two-week stretch where I work toward making sure I’m not leaving them completely without any hopes.

And it’s really really weird.

Mostly because I had really thought I’d be a whole lot more happy about it.

I mean, I’ve been there for 7.5 years and I don’t exactly have any plans for what to do as a career (outside of continuing to hope that writing somehow takes off…), but the past three years have been so especially terrible that I spent so many days considering quitting before I even punched in for the day.

So, being given the reason to quit…well…I really thought I would jump at that opportunity.  Instead, I stared at my screen for hours…knowing that I needed to…not willing to pull that trigger.

Now, I don’t want to you think that this is all some horrible thing that happened to me.  First of all, I did it to myself.  There’s no one to blame but me.

Secondly, my family’s actually been quite blessed over the past few years, so we’re not really in any form of dire straits regarding it.

Thirdly…this gives me the much needed opportunity to actually reassess my future…and spend some time with my kids.

And I’m pretty excited about that.


Anyways, there’s an actual reason I’m putting this out here, making this a specific thing to talk about on here.  You see, although I am making a change toward the future, that change make actually take up more of my time than my old job did…meaning, although I have no intentions of it, there’s a great possibility that some of my writing-related stuff may fall by the wayside.

I may just not have the time for daily blog posts or whatever else.

I’ll try…but it’s a warning.

Also, I can pretty much guarantee that this will slow down future book releases…not that I haven’t been overly slow already.  I’m really going to work on getting Agora Part 2 put together as quickly as possible, but there will be some limitations on things past that…not to mention that this one itself will probably move even more slowly than I had anticipated a year ago.

But I’m not sad…and I’m pretty sure that once all this transitionary period ends, I’ll finally see that weight lift that I’ve been waiting for.

Right now, there’s a heckuva lot of planning going on.

I’ll keep you all posted on all the items that will apply to this space, of course.

Have fun out there!


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