Flash Fiction Friday: Simple Simon

Something I aimlessly wrote a while back, thought I might as well put it to some use here, as silly as it may be:

Once upon a time there was a simple man, who lived in a simple house within a simple town with his simple wife and his simple kids.  The simple man noticed other men lived in houses that were not so simple and found himself daydreaming.

The simple man, named Simple Simon, learned one simple thing.  These other men in other houses had one thing in common.  They had jobs, unlike his job, that paid a lot more money.  Upon review, he found they drew their wealth from one employer.  The place in question was none other than The Stupid Store.

So Simple Simon donned a tie and khaki pants and left his simple job.  He walked straight to The Stupid Store and was hired to work that day.  He went in back with other folks who had come in that day.  These other folks, like Simple Simon, had come to work, not play.

They all were sat inside the darkest place the building held.  Then someone entered, simply dressed, and got the group excited.  She said she was the one who would direct them on their jobs.  She handed out a paper map and sent the group away.  They needed nothing but that sheet to get through their new work day.

Simple Simon took the sheet and hustled toward his cube.  Four walls around him and a desk was all he found once there.  These walls were drab, but he soon saw that he could decorate.  In fact, the cube his neighbor had was filled with tons of toys.  This place, he thought, could be a place that he could quite enjoy.

And so he sat, behind his desk, imagining the future.  Until another new employ happened upon his desk.  He turned and smiled as she said hi, and showed her eager ‘tude.  She had chosen to go around and seek out all she knew.  It was exciting, so she said, and then begged him to join her.

Simon stood and followed her upon her simple task.  They soon were joined by other folks in bouts of great excitement.

But then a dark and scary man appeared from ‘round the corner.  He told the group they should sit down as this was a place of business.  There was a need for stupid stuff, the store was running out.

The man walked off.  The group was silent.  Then they dissipated.  And Simple Simon went to his desk and then he simply waited.



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