Book Review: Henchmen by Eric Lahti

71cR8Tp4KmL._SL1500_I came into this book without any real knowledge or expectations or…well..anything.  I just saw that it was a story told from the perspective of an evil super-villain’s henchman and I was sold.

And I’m really truly happy I was.  Henchmen is quite the amazing take on the supervillain back story…as well as an amusing look into how they manage to get so many people to work beside them.  This story follows Steve (or Steven? I forget because his role as nameless henchman seemed much more important to the tale) and we get to see a firsthand account of what it really means to work for someone who is trying to destroy the world…or, in this case, try to overturn the US government.

Actually, once you get into this book, you’ll see that the term supervillain might be a bit of a misnomer, at least as far as what we know through Steve’s eyes.  Eve, his 7-foot tall Amazonian boss with at least a minor dosing of super-strength, doesn’t seem to be doing what she’s doing to mean any form of selfish means, but in order to better the world.  This isn’t Lex Luthor trying to sink California into the ocean so he can sell real estate on the other side of the San Andreas fault.  This is someone who believes the system is broken and is looking to fix it, through means that might be questionable, sure, but sometimes drastic times require drastic measures…or some other similar overused cliche.

This is where Lahti’s brilliance shines.  Not only does he manage to craft a wonderful thought-provoking piece of what might cause someone to turn to supervillainy, while also showing that they aren’t completely blameless, even if they might have noble intentions; but he also does so with a hefty dose of humor.  This book is plenty funny and on more than one occasion I was reminded of John Dies at the End (although I must note this is nowhere near as flatout funny as that book…rather superficial reminders).  Comedy isn’t the primary purpose here, just a great additional to the voice this book carries.  One of something much larger lying under the surface…which we only begin to get a peek at by the conclusion of this tale.

Simply put, this is a great title and one I can’t wait to see how it progresses.  I highly suggest you check it out!

Buy it now!


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