Fat Mogul vs. The Right to Liberty

NOT an image that relates to this book at all.  But maybe it should be.... Found at poweromics.blogspot.com
NOT an image that relates to this book at all. But maybe it should be….
Found at poweromics.blogspot.com

I’m terrible at marketing my books.  I have this whole blog space here in which to tell you all about the things I’m working on and how excited about them I am, and how you should be getting excited as well…but instead I use it to dish on Batman and tell you about the silly things my kids are up to.

For instance, I’m not actually certain I’ve done much on here to tell you kids all about the book I’m currently writing.  The Right to Liberty, which I’ve mentioned far enough to state is about an old man who decides to secede, is actually shaping up to be a fairly incredible book.

It’s nothing like any of the books I’ve written before, there’s no action, no running, no explosions (not yet anyways), and not a single alien encounter.  But I still think it’s pretty damned exciting.

Okay, exciting is probably not the right term, this is a book about a man living out in the woods after all.

When I first started putting the words to (electronic) paper, I really only had a fairly basic idea of what was going to come out.  I had some more grandiose visions, but I limited the actual planning of events to some simplistic ideas, just to see how some of them might play out.  What that means is that my vision for the book actually shaped up to be quite a bit different than the reality. What I saw as something quite a bit more goofy, has somehow managed to become a more serious look at what it takes to create a nation…which, amusingly enough, was the actual initial inspiration for the book.

I’ve been writing this book much more slowly than most of the other books I’ve worked on recently, mostly because of my attempts to actually do some marketing as of late, but I have to admit, it’s been difficult.  There’s so much actually happening in this title that I find it very difficult to not just sit down and ignore the rest of the world while I plow through the last bits of it.

I’m not entirely certain how my standard readers will respond to this, seeing as it’s not anything like what I’ve written to date.  I haven’t even taken the time to sit and thing about what genre this would fit in, since it doesn’t really work within my standards of science fiction, fantasy, or action/adventure.

It’s an old man, and a bunch of kids, starting a movement, starting a country, and working their butts off to make it all work out, even with there being a great deal against them actually succeeding.

And it’s actually pretty damned good, if I do say so myself.

But that books going to be a while before it gets released, seeing as I’m still finishing up the first draft, and then I’ve got to clean up Agora Files Part 2, and then I’m planning on writing Buddy 3, before I actually get back and clean it up to look all nice for release.

And actually, those three books might make up the majority of my 2015.  I’ve got so much I want to write, so many stories I want to tell.  And I actually feel rather disappointed that I only released 2 books in 2014, as opposed to the 4 I had intended to get out.  I mean, starting 2015 with one in the can and another just waiting to be edited is a good start toward getting a lot further this year than last, but I could write ten books a year at this point and still not be short on ideas.

If only I had the time….

But for now, perhaps you should be getting excited about The Long Chron.  The reviews I’ve gotten back from my beta readers have been pretty darn solid. Here’s a review I received from a reader not too long back who is just waiting for the book to be released so she can share her thoughts on the title:

Conned? Duped? Scammed? Perhaps the reader is merely masterfully manipulated by a well-crafted novel. Adam Oster’s The Chron lures the reader into a rafting trip along the river of time for a swiftly moving adventure. The reader should expect the unexpected rocks, turbulence and switch-back twists. Antique items taken to the past, become original duplicates? Traveling back in time introduces a husband of the future? Whoa Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore!  Amidst it all, fifteen year old Chelle (as in Rochelle) discovers that going forward means going backwards- several times. The question becomes, not “Where are we?” rather, “When are we?”  If the idea that participation in the future can become remembered in a past not yet lived makes you dizzy, confused or befuddled, hang on, it all comes out in the end, well nearly.  – Deborah Ude

I really do thing that this book changes things quite greatly for those who have enjoyed my previous books.  Where Rise of the Fat Mogul did a lot toward enhancing the cinematic qualities of my books, The Long Chron does even more toward increasing the readability and excitement (in my humble opinion).  This is one that I think you’re all really going to enjoy and I can’t wait to finally set a release date for it.  Just got to find the time to actually meet with my designer and get a cover together.

Alright, there’s enough pimping for today.  Have fun out there!



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