Fat Mogul vs. Resolutions

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from happytownusa.etsy.com

Another year has passed, meaning another yearly post about how I don’t do resolutions, but how I’m making one anyways.

But first, I want to tell you about last year’s resolution.  One I don’t talk about too openly because, well, I wasn’t necessarily all that open about the bad habit.  Last year, I quite smoking.

In fact, as of 11/11/2014, I was a year out on not smoking.

And I haven’t make a single official announcement about it.

It’s pretty sad actually.  I mean, I’m incredibly proud of the feat.  I smoked for over a decade, somewhere around 10 cigarettes a day, tried quitting numerous times to no avail, and spent quite a lot of time hiding the habit from family and friends simply because of how embarrassed I was about it.  So embarrassed, actually, that until this very moment, I didn’t even have the guts to exclaim how proud of myself I am simply because of it being a public notification of the bad habit I used to have.

The process of quitting was a long and difficult one, but made possible with one simple motivator…I got my eyes fixed.  The cost of LASIK on my eyes, as in the amount of my monthly payments over the 2 year period I get without interest, is the same as what I was spending on cigarettes each month.  It seemed to be a no-brainer, and gave me the resolve I needed to finally quit.  Previous attempts involved my daughter making me feel incredibly bad about it on a regular basis…which did a pretty darn fantastic job, but I fell back on my habits due to not making very strict rules about the whole process.

Actually, there was just one rule (outside of the whole, you know, LASIK for cigarettes thing) that I made for myself that I think made all the difference.  If I was feel weak, needing to smoke or I would break, I could…but I couldn’t buy a pack.  That was always the faltering point in the past.  Something would come up with that I just didn’t know how to cope with without that nicotine enhancement and I would just run out and buy a pack.  Of course, then I had 19 other cigarettes just sitting around ready to be consumed.  There was an added bonus to this rule that I could only smoke if I could find someone to bum off: I’m pretty darn shy and hate asking for handouts.  I had to be quite in need in order to make the ask.

In the end, I’ve been off for over a year and I have no personal fears of falling back on the habit.

And…it was technically a New Year’s resolution…although the resolution was made and began before the New Year came along.

So…what will this year’s resolution be?

Simple.  I’m  going to stop quitting writing.  What I mean by that is, every year, for at least a couple months, I give up.  I find the whole process of attempting to be a “successful author” too damned frustration and I just stop writing altogether, much less any forms of marketing, for months at a time.  I’m not doing that this year.  Writing is my job, even if I get a pretty lousy paycheck from it.  I’m putting in my time every day, just like my normal job.

That’s my resolution, plain and simple. And I’ve started this one early as well, with the attempts to overhaul the website, begin actual marketing, and actually developing a plan for future releases.  In fact…although the paychecks might not be any better, the job feels a whole lot more…real.

Alright, I’m out.  Have fun out there!


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