Flash Fiction Friday: Truly Super

Truly Super

from cosmicconvergence.com.  click to see more great images of lightning!
from cosmicconvergence.com. click to see more great images of lightning!

“I’m on my way home, honey, I promise.  Yes, I remembered to pick up the milk.  Of course I’ve got the baby, you think I’d leave him at daycare?”

Again?  I mean, it’s not like I really left him there for that long.  The place is open until six.  And besides, it was just the one time, it’s not like this was a regular occurrence or anything.

“RIght, of course, I’ll be there in fifteen minutes, no later, I promise.”

Sheesh, I know that we’ve got a lot going on today, but you’d think she could get off my back about it for a minute or two.  It’s not like I’m just sitting around having a beer or anything.  I’m out here running my ass off and she–


“What was that?” I say outloud while looking over my shoulder to where the loud explosion occurred.  “No, not you, the–”

I stop midsentence as I see a hulking behemoth of a monster stomping down the street behind me.  It’s red and black and enormous and heading right toward me.  I freeze in place.  What the hell is going on here?  What is that thing?  I’ve got to be dreaming, right?

The earth shudders with each step this fifty foot tall beast makes toward my direction.  Of course, considering his size, there’s only about five of his footfalls between us.  I want to scream, I want to run, to bring my newborn little boy to safety, but I’m frozen in place.

A scream fills the air and a bolt of lightning streaks across the sky, hitting the goliath square in the chest.  I watch as the towering terror is knocked off balance and send to the ground.  The flash of lightning flashes all around the ground beneath the beast as it makes its way to the asphalt below.

Once it makes contact, the earth trembles even greater than before.  I’m knocked to the ground myself at the shock of impact.  I watch helplessly in horror as the stroller carrying my child tips sideways and in seemingly slow-motion sends my delicate little boy heading headfirst to the pavement.  Yet, just before impact, a bright flash of light appears around him and he’s suddenly in my arms.

The sky itself lights up and a loud crack of thunder fills the air.  Looking back to the site where the monster fell, I find the street empty, the only sign that anything odd had occurred here being the scene of destruction all around.

Slowly, I get to my feet, questioning the events that just played out here.

Had I been daydreaming?  Did any of that just happen?

“Henry!” I hear yelled through the phone that still sits in my hand.  Still in shock, I place the phone against my ear.


“What the hell just happened?  You were just talking to me and then you–”

“Sorry honey, just a little earthquake, I guess.”

“Oh my god!” she screams.  “Are you okay?  Is Carlton okay?”

“Yeah, we’re fine.  Nothing to worry about here.  Are you alright over there?”

“I didn’t even feel anything.  Must have been a small one.”

I look around to the street which sunk down a good ten feet below where I stand and question again what might have happened.

“Honey?” my wife says softly through the receiver.  “You still there?”

“Yeah,” I say quietly.

“Great, now get home, we’ve got a hundred things to do!”



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