Book Review: Blackbeard’s Freedom by Jeremy McLean

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Yet another one of those books given to me by the author with a request to read and review.  I’ll admit, it’s difficult reviewing books as honestly as I want sometimes when I know that the author is going to be reading the review.  Luckily for me, most of the books I get in for review are real gems.

This one’s no different.

However I don’t have much for intro into this one, so let’s go straight into the review.

Blackbeard’s Freedom, on it’s surface, is a fairly straightforward pirate adventure tale.  You’ve got the requisite characters of folks like Blackbeard himself, Henry Morgan, a female dressed up as a male so as to stay hidden on the ship, and a mad marine hell-bent on destroying them.

But it’s where McLean strays from this template that this story really shines.  There really is a lot going on within the pages of Blackbeard’s Freedom.  We see the rise of a pirate, we get a full on treasure hunt, and we get tons of sea battles.  On top of all that, we get to see the morality of what it means to be a pirate get questioned and find out that there might be worthwhile reasons to head into the realm of pirating…ones I won’t divulge here.

This book itself is quite the adventure.  The old style adventure serial seems to take over the narrative whenever these hardy seafarers find themselves on land, and a sea shanty plays in your head whenever they aren’t.

In fact, there’s really only one thing I can truly say negative about this tale of buccaneering, which is that it could do with a good edit.  The book is long, and there are more than a couple times in which it reads as such.  One you get to the final third of the book, it speeds you forward, but the first two thirds can suffer from time to time with the issue of fulfilling unnecessary pieces of the narrative.

But that shouldn’t be taken as a reason to not read this book.  If you have any interest in pirates, this book will give you more than you could even ask for.  If you love adventure tales, this one will definitely quench your thirst.  If you love a grand epic read that leads well toward future adventures, then you need look no further.  Blackbeard’s Freedom is a great read.

Buy it now!


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