Fat Mogul vs. The Infant

20141128_141830It’s rather odd for me to realize that out of all of my posts on here, the ones that tend to get the most attention are the ones about my children, and yet, my newest little guy is over 3 weeks old now and I’ve barely talked about his directly…you know, outside of the plethora of posts regarding how absolutely busy I’ve been.

First, let’s get the most important thing out of the way: I absolutely adore this little dude.  He’s awesome, even if he spends a great deal of his time eating, screaming, or sleeping (working on getting a bit more of the pooping to happen…).

Second, I want to give a little background on the decision to actually have another baby hanging around the house…because I personally think it’s a pretty great story.

My wife and I have really enjoyed being parents…even if the past few months have been filled with sleepless nights which may or may not have been negatively effecting our ability to parent well.  Anyways, after we had spent some time getting accustomed to having two little ones running around, we found ourselves in a rather odd situation.  Things were actually working quite well (and then we decided to go ahead and screw it all up 🙂 ).  By that, I mean that we were working well as a family unit, all the pieces seemed to fit together well, and, well, we actually found ourselves doing better than we thought we should as parents, being ahead of the game, so to speak…if only those people could see us today… 🙂

To sum up our thoughts at the time, we found ourselves in a situation in which we actually had more love to give than we could give in our current situation.

Which is when we started looking into adoption.  This was a two-fold decision.  One fold was that there’s a great deal of need for adoptive parents.  The other fold was that my wife and pregnancy aren’t exactly the best of friends.

To make a long story short, we didn’t quite add up to all the requirements for adoption (at that point…we will soon), and were politely turned away.

But we still had the love to give.

And my wife still had this want to have another baby in the house (which, for the record, we wouldn’t have gotten through adoption).

So, I’m saying this, right here, right now, that we had such a want to give out this extra love we had to share that my wife decided to go through the evils of pregnancy once again in order to give it.  That’s an awful lot of love.  I also want to add that this doesn’t preclude us from any adoptive processes in the future…we might wait a couple weeks first though 😉

But the point I’m trying to make here is that this kid was born out of a need to love, as were the other two, for the record.

And although we’re all completely exhausted and the love levels might be a bit lower than when we had made the decision (not really, but it might feel that way sometimes, at least to the little ones), there’s an awful lot of love in this house right now.  And I couldn’t be more happy with the newest little addition to this family of mine.

Well…maybe if he didn’t scream at me so much 😉

Alright, I’m out of here for the day.

Have fun out there!


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