Fat Mogul vs. The Blog Schedule

I found the image at the Florida Vocal Association website...since they don't list a source, I'll give them the credit.  Let me know if I'm wrong.
I found the image at the Florida Vocal Association website…since they don’t list a source, I’ll give them the credit. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Hey folks!

Today marks yet another milestone in the effort toward making this blog something that you might actually want to read.  That’s right, I’ve developed a schedule.  Every week, more or less, I will make the effort toward sticking to the following daily topics.  There will be additional posts from time to time, for things like book reviews and maybe those items that I just can’t seem to find a particular category heading for.  But your typical week here at the fatmogul.com will look an awful lot like this for the foreseeable future:

Mondays will now forever more be known as Marketing Mondays.  That’s right.  Since every other author out there has offered their advice on how to market books, I’m going to go ahead and do the same.  I honestly have so very little to offer for advice on this subject that this has the greatest possibility of failure.  But here’s the thing…I’m not going to just give advice, I’m going to let you know about my own marketing efforts and how they might have succeeded or failed.  Wonder what a Facebook Ad might do for your book sales?  I’ve got some info on that!  And you might just find out if you come around on Mondays.

Trivial Tuesday (starting to catch the alliterative trend yet?): Since I really like to chat about random things, I decided I might as well leave that opportunity available for myself.  Tuesdays are now the day of the week in which I’ll allow myself to chat about whatever completely trivial item is sitting on the top of my mind at that particular moment.  This might be about fatherhood, home repair, or, you know, just being annoyed at people.  In other words…what you’ve come to know and love (despise?) about this blog will still be here…it’ll just be on  Tuesdays.

Wednesdays should be a rather interesting attempt, as it’s now known as the Writer’s Weekly Writing Write-Up.  This heading can actually encapsulate a whole ton of items, but all relating to the world of writing.  Finally I’ll actually have a set time to do things like review websites I’ve used to try to find other writers, or to give you my thoughts on how to best get an idea out, or, who knows what else.  Wednesdays are for writers….why?  Because both words start with W, duh.

Tidbit Thursday:  Okay, so I’ll be honest here, I was stretching for another topic, especially given the constraints of the alliteration that I had given myself.  However, here’s a fun little fact about myself…I collect fun little facts.  Tidbit Thursday will somehow involve me letting you know a little bit more about something I know about…or something I decide to research, possibly for a book.  In other words, Thursdays will be highly educational…although you might not know that you even cared about the topic before I let you in on its secrets.

And finally, we have Flash Fiction Friday.  I’ll be completely honest here, this weekly post is the one that has me most nervous.  Flash Fiction is incredibly brief works of words, generally around a few hundred words…and typically written rather quickly, although I don’t think that last bit is part of the official definition.  My ability to write short fiction has often been faulty, especially considering even brief bits of dialogue tend to go way off course for me.  However, as part of my attempts to become a better author (because that’s part of being an author…trying to get better), as well as my attempts to offer interesting and new content, I’m taking on the world of Flash Fiction…it could be a bumpy ride, but I also think it could be fun.  Also, it might allow me to dust off some of the little ideas that have been sitting in my idea notepad for a while and try them on for size.  We’ll see how it goes…

And since I like to think of my life as a blogger very similarly to that of a banker…I don’t do weekends 😉

But seriously, if you’re looking for things to read on the weekends, that’s what my books are for, chumps!

Anyways, that’s what I’ve got for a schedule.  I highly expect things to change something as time goes on…and, of course, if you all have any thoughts for the types of things you’d like to see on here, I’d be more than happy to oblige.  I’m a sucker like that.  Perhaps you’d like to see more guest posts?  I’ve got plenty of writer friends who owe me favors.  More reviews of things, including video games, movies, tv shows?  That can definitely happen.  Shoot me a note if there are particular posts that you find more interesting and I will definitely do what I can to milk them for all they’re worth.

Alright, I’m outta here.

Have fun out there!


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