Fat Mogul vs. The Half Day

came from blog.stringoftheories.com, but I have a feeling it's not the original source of the image.  click to go there anyways.
came from blog.stringoftheories.com, but I have a feeling it’s not the original source of the image. click to go there anyways.

I’ve been working half days at my real job this week, and I really thought it would be an amazing time to get to hang out with the newest little dude in my life as well as getting things done that I’ve been wanting to get done for forever (like finishing The Right to Liberty). Instead, like I said on Tuesday, I’ve been fighting the clock and just don’t seem to be winning.

I’ve actually come to realize something very important about half days…they are perfect for being able to not quite get anything done.  I mean, that’s really not being fair.  I’m catching up on my work at my day job quite well and I’m almost done with that damned bathroom that I’ve been working on for way too long.  And I’ve even managed to throw in a few other things, like helping out at my daughters school, get a few thousand words written on The Right to Liberty, and…well…actually, perhaps I’m just not being fair to half days.

In fact, thinking about it more legitimately, a four hour work day is just about the perfect length at my current job.  It seems that on a normal work day it would be right past that four hour mark when things would get terrible…when I would realize that I didn’t want to be there any longer.  And home improvement tasks…something else I despise, don’t seem quite as bad because I’m not spending whole days trying to complete something that a more competent person would do in a matter of minutes.  I mean, it takes me more days total, but I don’t lose 8 hours to the task…just about 3-4 instead.

Actually, half days are turning out to be almost more efficient for me as a person.  I’m not getting quite as much stuff done with my life as an author as I do with a normal day, but I’m going to blame that on the current shift in routine due to new child and bathroom renovation.  I’ll also blame the current distressed state of our house on that as well.

My day might actually be more effective when I only spend 4 hours at my job than when I spend 8.  I might be getting approximately the same amount of work done, and I don’t hate it nearly as much.

Of course…don’t tell my boss that.  I’m not salaried…

And since I’m talking about half days today, howabout a half a post?

I know, I’m cheap like that, but I don’t have much else to add on this one.

Have fun out there!


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