Fat Mogul vs. Planning

found at angelamarshall.co.uk.  Click to read some ideas on how to buy presents!
found at angelamarshall.co.uk. Click to read some ideas on how to buy presents!

This week marks a completely new moment in the history of this blog…I’ve actually planned ahead.
Now, this might not seem like much, because the posts as of yet have been completely random, but this sentence, the one you’re reading right here, was written on Monday!
On Monday!

Now, to be completely honest here, the rest of this was written on Wednesday…or as you might like to call it, yesterday.

I’m in the early stages of the actual doing this blog as a real thing, thing, and, well, the first part of it is just actually planning stuff ahead, so, you know, I won’t go completely dark when something like the birth of a child happens.

I mentioned this before, at least to a small degree, in that I was taking this whole site semi-pro.

Step 1: Make site more real

Step 2: ??

Step 3: Profit!

(Old South Park joke for those who don’t get the reference)

But on a more serious note: Although the posts this week actually feel quite a bit more haphazard than usual, this is all part of a method of moving forward with the site, which is all part of a multi-faceted plan in moving forward with my online presence…which is all part of the crazed goal of actually selling books.  Well, you know, more books than the handful or so a month that are currently going out.

So, although right now what you’re seeing is just some crazed ramblings that are put together quickly in order to ensure that content will be provided as required…in the coming weeks, you’re going to start to see something of a cohesive story (fingers crossed anyways) through things like regular features and actual helpful/insightful/enjoyable content (more than fingers crossed here).  I’m still developing some of those pieces, which is why they aren’t in place yet…but since I’m also developing the daily routine that involves getting everything done that needs to get done in a day, you’re seeing some of the early bits come out as more of an explanation of what’s going on.

Exciting blog narrative?  Probably not…but will play into things a bit more later as I work toward explaining this whole crazy road of money-making authorship…or just professional looking author…

But here’s the thing about planning…and part of the reason why the past few days have been a bit odd with the content around here…odder than usual, at least.  I’m typically prepared to chat on here about whatever’s going on in my mind.  That was the initial purpose for the blog.  I would rant until I completed a thought to my own satisfaction and then just be done for the day, readers be damned.  The big difference here…at least as I’m developing the future of this space, is that this blog will stop being something I do for me, but something I do for you.  And I’ve got some really fun things planned, I promise…although I’m still not entirely certain how I’m going to go about implementing many of them….

So, for now, I’m keeping this guy short.  I don’t have much to talk about on the subject, outside of the fact that I’m in the midst of thinking about all of you and trying to determine what sorts of material you all would actually like to read on this space (as well as on the other media outlets I’m hanging out on)…perhaps by Christmas you’ll finally have a present to unwrap?

No clue.  I’ve got some work to do.

Have fun out there!


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