Fat Mogul vs. Catching Up

20141128_113023Alright, so I’ve got about 10 minutes before I NEED to be out of the house in order to go pick up my kids, meaning that this will have to be quick.

And…that sentiment, although true, has been exactly how I’ve felt almost every second of every single day since 11/22/2014..the day that shall forever be known as the day in which my house officially became overrun with children.  Yep, we’re outnumbered, and I’m sure that the grey hairs that should have already been covering my head for a few years now will come in somewhere around Christmas.

But I’m okay with that.

And, the reality of it all is that although I’m rushing at this very moment to get out a blog post, for very few other reasons than to feel as though I actually did something today, today is the first day since the birth of my newest little one that I’ve actually felt as though I’ve been on top of things.  I’ve been running on fumes, not able to stop, for over a week now, trying to finish all the things that we were certain we were going to have time to do before the baby arrived, hanging out with all the people stopping by to say hi to the baby (which we’re totally happy to have happen, it just takes time away from other things that need to get done) that for a while I was certain I would never reach the bottom of the pile…and, let’s face it, I’m the father of three kids under the age of six.  I’ll never reach the bottom.

But today I found myself in the situation where I had completed everything I had intended to complete (well, basically) and ended up actually having time to take a nap with the little guy.

Alright, but for a second, I just want to get real here.  Because to be fair, the little guy has been nothing but awesome.  He sleeps like a champion, he’s mostly a happy little dude, and my other two absolutely adore him and just want to snuggle him all day long.  The problem really comes down to those doggone doctors.  You know the ones.  The ones who see that he’s got some sort of mild health issue that could probably become a much larger one if things don’t go the way they need to and they force you to come in day after day to get things checked out to make sure they’re going well, instead of, you know, admitting your kid to the hospital so you can be one of those cool parents sitting around a sick baby in a hospital room.  There’s a great deal of sarcasm to be read in there…

Yeah, my son and wife were both dealing with some mild health issues coming out of the birthing process and we did spend a lot of time in the clinics making sure things got better…most of that time was spent waiting because they offered us the option to get scheduled with nurses instead of doctors, so the nurses worked around the system during the few seconds of free time they had between things to do in order to help us out.

And now both of my post-partum family members are on the mend, given clean bills of health (mostly anyways), and looking like absolute champions.

And things are getting to be a bit more regular around here.

In fact…it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…or so it would appear, because there’s a Christmas tree in my living room that needs to have some ornaments hung.

And I’ve got to go pick up the kids.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a bit more of a regular-sized post, I promise.

Have a good one!



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