Fat Mogul vs. Kid #3

Hey, so, you might have noticed that things have gotten a bit quiet around here.  That’s not because things are very quiet, it’s all due to the fact that my house is, in fact, quite the opposite of quiet.

Yes, as is already obvious from the headline of this post, I a father for the third time now, and it’s pretty darned awesome.

Of course, at the same time, it’s exhausting, and filled with way too much to do.

For instance, as you might have noticed on Twitter or Facebook, The Legend of Buddy Hero is on sale this week.  It was supposed to be this big deal that I had all sorts of promotion plans in store for…things I had intended to get set up over the weekend.  I had a kid instead.

I’ve also got a review of The Little Book of the End of the World (by the beautifully brogued Ken Mooney) that I need to get up…I had a kid instead.

In fact, there were so many things I had planned for this week that just aren’t going to happen.

And I’m (mostly) okay with that…mostly because I’m just too darned exhausted to care.

But, more importantly, I’ve got a new healthy little boy bouncing around my house (only bouncing in my arms, mind you), and I’m pretty happy about that.

Hopefully I’ll be back around next week to get everything caught back up.

Have a great Thanksgiving for those of you that celebrate, and a good whatever for those of you that don’t!

Have a good one!


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