Fat Mogul vs. The Update (November 2014 edition)

found in the pennyarcade forums...possibly the original source.  click to find it.
found in the pennyarcade forums…possibly the original source. click to find it.

It’s been way too long since I’ve given any sort of update on how things are going in the world of Adam Oster, Adventure Novelist…you know, things like, hey, when am I going to finally get my hands on a copy of The Agora Files part 2?  Or…what’s going on with The Long Chron?  I’ve been wanting to check that sucker out?  Or…you know…why aren’t you on the Times Bestseller list yet?

Well, guess what folks, it’s time for an update!

Alright, so, awkward introduction aside, things have been pretty darned busy for me as of late.  My personal life is rather crazy at the moment due to little things like anxiously awaiting the arrival of my third child (which could happen pretty much any day now).  The whole prepping the house for winter (after winter has already started) definitely takes up a fair amount of my time as well.  Not to mention the forced home renovations due to some shoddy plumbing…which I’m hoping to get basically complete by the end of this weekend (fingers crossed).  That’s not even discussing all the stuff at my real job and how I made the dumb decision to do a stage production of A Few Good Men when I’m already way behind on everything, and just hanging out with my wife and kids so we can all feel happy and lovey together before the crazed adventure of a newborn hits our house.

I’ve been busy.

So, needless to say, I’ve had less time to dedicate toward the writing game than I had been intending.  I had long hoped to have The Agora Files P2 all but finished by this point, but I’m still working my way through The Right to Liberty and just haven’t gotten to the edits on AF quite yet.  I still think it’ll be done before the end of winter…but it might not be much before winter ends.

You see, although I’ve been keeping up with my daily writing, I’ve been limiting it to a mere thousand words a day, which is much less than my preferred five thousand.  The reason for this is the topic that’s been all over this blog lately, which is marketing.

Building a brand is tough, but what’s even tougher is actually doing all the research on how to build a brand and developing a method that will work while also being different enough from what everyone else is doing to actually, you know, work.  Any small business owner should be able to relate…the only thing is, I didn’t actually think of myself as a small business until recently, so I’m playing a ton of catch-up.

I’ve got a document that’s somewhere around 6 pages long right now just with bullet list items of things to do to build the brand, or things to research to figure out more about the process or…you know, all those things like that.  Add onto the top of it the need to actually get out there, through things like social media interactions, personal interactions, reading and commenting on blogs, updating the site to be more “marketing” friendly, and a whole host of other time consuming tasks and you’ll find that it quickly becomes easy to lose a day just trying to sell your soul, um, I mean, books.

But don’t think things aren’t moving forward.  Actually, The Right to Liberty (my little story about a man who starts his own country right in the middle of Wisconsin, for those of you not familiar with the title) is kicking forward awesomely.  It’s so much different than anything I’ve written thus far, there’s no action, and there’s a ton of actual thought and discourse going into the book (not that my other books don’t have thought and discourse, mind you) that I’m really impressing myself, even though I know it’s going to be a total mess to work on when it comes time to edit.  I’d say I’m right around the 50% mark on the first draft for it, and I’m hoping to up my daily word count to get the second half moving faster, although, again, realizing that I’ve got a ton of work to get done on the marketing half of things, since I’ve been delaying on that for forever.

I’ve also been working on a somewhat secretive project. It’s not secretive for any other reason than I just haven’t seen need to announce it.  For a few years now I’ve been slowly developing a script for the stage, specifically a murder mystery environmental theater script. It’s one of those things where you go to the theater for dinner and the show happens all around you.  I had been struggling on the damned thing for forever because these scripts have only one real requirement…they’re really friggin’ corny.  Now, I’ve been known to be a ham more than once in my life, but I kept having a difficult time allowing myself to be as goofy as is necessary with a script like this…drunk writing should be the term that applies to it.  I finally found my way in, and this thing’s moving along fairly well as well.  It’ll be another beast to edit, simply because of all the little cogs that go into a wheel like this, but I think the end product should be pretty spectacular.  And, best part about this one is, I’ve actually got a group that will put it on (assuming the script isn’t too terrible).  So…you know…marketing!

And The Long Chron…well, it’s currently still locked in with Amazon as part of their Kindle Scout competition, so I can’t even really begin to do anything with it for another week.  It’s difficult to really know what’s going on with that site, so I can’t be certain about anything at all, but seeing as the book hasn’t even made it onto their hot and trending section, I find it difficult to believe it’s going to get picked up (if even noticed at all by their scouts).  That’s cool.  I’m not going to fret if it doesn’t.  I do know that Amanda (my graphic designer) has already been gathering some details about the book for the cover, so, who knows, perhaps I’ll have this thing out before December 1st (probably not, but it’s possible).  I’ll give you a better date when I know for certain what’s going on with the Scout program, which I believe ends for the book on the 29th of November.  I’m really excited to get this one into your hands, folks.  It’s pretty darned special.

So, to summarize the update:

I’m busy.

I’m marketing my ass off.

I’m hard at work on The Right to Liberty, which is quickly shaping into something terribly cool.

I’m pushing forward quickly on a little side project for the theater.

I’m eager to get plowing through edits on Agora Files Part 2

And The Long Chron is sitting in a holding pattern, anxiously awaiting it’s release to the public through whatever means it gets out there.

Oh, and since all those cool superhero production companies give you release schedules, here’s my tentative one:

The Long Chron – before end of year 2014

Agora Files Part 2 – Early 2015 (February?)

The Right to Liberty – Late Spring 2015

Return of Kid Zero (part 3 of the Defenders Saga) – Fall 2015

All those dates are subject to change, and I intend to get one more book out before the end of 2015 than is listed here…which I’m thinking might be the chapter book project I’ve been toying with….assuming I can find some illustrators.  There’s still the project I’ve been slowly working with my daughter on, that probably won’t be done by Christmas as was hoped.  And possibly a few more things that might crop up as time moves forward…we’ll see.

All the same, I’m keeping myself incredibly busy.  All with the idea that I’ll get to sleep someday in the future… 🙂

Have fun out there!


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