The Year Without Glass

me...without glasses (or hair...) for a recent production of A Few Good Men...anxiously trying to grow back all hair to be able to stay warm in this frigid Wisconsin winter!
me…without glasses (or hair…) for a recent production of A Few Good Men…anxiously trying to grow back all hair to be able to stay warm in this frigid Wisconsin winter!

The past year has been quite the whirlwind.  I’d even hazard to say that the past year has just gone by to darned fast (especially those couple of warm months we had).  I know that’s the type of thing old people say, and I fear that by uttering it on here, I’ve officially joined the horde of old people, constantly complaining about those damned kids today and getting mad about all the people on my lawn…I don’t want to admit anything regarding thoughts like that and how they may or may not have crossed my lips on more than one occasion.

But it’s true.  I’ve been busy.  Between taking care of the kids, anxiously awaiting the new one, trying to find time to hand out with my wife, working a job that sucks the life out of me, writing to get the life back, marketing, branding, cleaning, fixing, and all the other things that go along with being a human being on earth today, I feel as though I’ve been running fairly darn close to non-stop for approximately 12 months now.

In fact, twelve months ago was a rather important day…it was the day I got my appointment scheduled to finally fix my vision using the mystical power of LASERS.  That’s right, December 5th, 2014 will mark the 365th day I’ve gone since needing a piece of glass to aid me in getting through my daily life.

And I’m here to tell you, right now, in all complete honesty…This morning, when I woke up, I reached over and tried to grab for my glasses to put them on.

For some reason the almost thirty years of wearing glasses and developing a routine around them just still hasn’t quite been overcome with 365 (almost) days of crafting a new routine.

Even my wife, who has only known me for about a third of the time I wore assistive lenses, notes from time to time how she expects me to be picking up my glasses or cleaning them on my shirt or other such nonsense that a perfect-visioned person like myself would never be caught dead doing…you know…unless it’s with those sunglasses I can now wear regularly if I wish.

On that note…I still haven’t gotten used to the idea of sunglasses either.  I mean, there were a few years there where I wore contacts regularly and also wore sunglasses regularly (because they made me look cool, of course), but when driving, I spent way too much time squinting in the bright light before realizing that I have sunglasses within arm’s reach to help me with the situation.

Now, with all of this, one may be thinking, well, shoot…this dude is talking about how he’s a year out and still thinks he needs glasses.  It really sounds as if nothing has changed.

But that’s the thing.  I’m a year out and nothing has changed.  You see…I forget about the fact that I’m not wearing glasses because my vision is as good without as it was when I wore them for forever.  My brain still thinks I’m wearing glasses because that’s the only possible way I would ever had been able to see this well in the past.

Recently, I’ve gotten a few questions from folks who were considering LASIK, wondering what I thought about it.  I’m going to give you my completely honest and truthful answer here, right now, for the record, approximately a year past the day I sat in that room wishing my Xanax would finish kicking in.

I love it.  I’m, you know, only halfway through paying for the event (or…considering how life changing it really is…I’m already halfway through paying for having my vision fixed for life!) and I would definitely do it again, even if I’m completely squeamish about any form of medical procedure and even though the procedure was simple and fast, I still get a bit squirmy when I think about it.  No question about it.  I would do it again, in a heartbeat.

Yes, there are times when my eyes get a little too tired too fast, or they get dry and red and irritated more than they used to.  Sure, there are times in which my vision gets a little hazy around the corners, and I might still see halos around lights at night (which…for the record, I saw before the surgery as well).  But those are the exceptions to the rule, and honestly, I only actually notice them when I think about it.  Meaning, if I’m driving a short distance at night, I couldn’t tell you if I see halos around other headlights, because I just don’t think about it. If I’m driving a long distance at night, I have a bit more time to think and reflect and then I look for it and notice it.  These are not issues that actually have any form of negative impact on my day.  Sure, they’re there, but I’m probably only aware of them because of how much reading I did on the side effects of the procedure before I went for it.

Remember…I forget, quite often, that I’m not wearing glasses.

There is one big difference that I don’t miss, though.  The bridge of my nose would often ache under the immense weight of my thick lenses (did I mention that I was near blind?).  I don’t miss that at all.  Actually, I don’t miss much about my glasses, although I still think I look a bit weird when glancing in the mirror.

I’m incredibly friggin’ happy that I got myself this Christmas present last year, and if you want my advice on whether you should get it…the best I can do is tell you that I would definitely do it again.  But, I was the type of person who couldn’t cope in life without having those lenses on his face.  Now I can swim without worrying about putting in contacts or trying to make sure I don’t lose the glasses if I decide to just wear them in the pool.  I can hang out outside in the dead of winter without coming inside to being completely blinded by fogged over lenses.  My vision is no longer hindered by needing to carry around two pieces of glass.  And I’m mighty darn happy about that.

Of course…this sounds a bit like a sales pitch…and, honestly, if you do decide to go in for LASIK, and decide to use the place I went to (TLC Vision, who did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable in a situation that I was not, in any way, comfortable with), I do get some form of recompense if you tell them I sent you (through some sort of form or something, I’ve never really looked)…but I’m not trying to sell you, I’m not trying to get money off you, and I couldn’t care less if you decided to go in to the exact same place I went to and not give them my name…even if they will give you a discount for doing so(side note…if you get LASIK and don’t get a discount, you’re getting robbed…you could probably just say the word discount and have them apply one, no matter where you’re going).

I’m just letting you know, because I know there are many who are curious, that it’s a decision I would make again and again.  I like being able to see!

Alright, back to work.  Have fun out there!


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