Book Review: Healing Hands by Laura Emmons

511AJZ9leHLNot too far back, I reviewed the first book in the Queen of the Night Series, (Seeing Magic), and found myself pleasantly surprised with where that book took me on its fun little adventure into the world of witches and magic (I’m not entirely certain they consider themselves witches within the book itself…).

So, imagine my excitement when I realized that the sequel to the book, Healing Hands, had been released just a week or so prior to me finishing the first one.

Now, I’ll admit, right off the bat: These books are not my typical read.  Something of a young adult mystical romance, The Queen of the Night series does not have thirty-something Wisconsin males in mind for its general audience.  That being said, I actually have really enjoyed these books…

But, why just talk lamely about it.  Here’s the official review:

Healing Hands starts up about six months after the end of Seeing Magic, the first in the Queen of the Night series.  We find that while seemingly not too much has actually changed for our heroine, Maggie, there’s a lot that is about to.  What no one seems to realize at the start of the book is that these items that kick off the action are items that have been in play for years, all of Maggie’s life even, that the events at the start of the book are actually part of something much much greater than we could imagine.

Emmons does something quite magical with the second book in her series.  She takes a story that seems almost as if it’s a summer love tale, and makes it into something much grander, much more epic in scope, a scope that some readers (myself included) might not even realize until the final pages.  Much of this book sets up the next book in the series, but don’t think that Emmons has left us with nothing by a bridge between books.  Healing Hands may develop the pieces necessary for book three in the series, but she does so while crafting a compelling second step in Maggie’s journey to her role as Great Healer.  A compelling step that will leave you smiling as you finish the final pages, while also hoping that the wait for the next book won’t be very long.

If you’re looking for a light read with a lot of heart, there’s not much better you can do with Healing Hands.  Even as someone who is not part of the intended audience for this book, I flew through the pages, eagerly awaiting to see what Emmons might dream up next for Maggie, Evan, and the newcomer Corey.

Buy it now!


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