Fat Mogul vs. Christmas

downloadI love Christmas, I really do.  Something about the season, the music, the anticipation on my kids’ faces, the Elf on the Shelf insanity, the tree (although I also absolutely hate the tree), the lights, and the overall tradition of Christmas just really manages to do an amazing job of easing me into the winter season, where I traditionally battle with a severe case of the no-sun-in-the-sky seasonal depression.

But it’s the first week of November and my commercials are finally clearing out all the political ads and replacing them with, yep, Christmas advertisements.  Do we care so little for Thanksgiving (quite possibly my favorite holiday) that we don’t even give it a couple days worth of recognition before moving onto the Christmas music?

Yeah, I get it, Thanksgiving isn’t quite the boon to the retail industry as Christmas, outside of the day after Thanksgiving, but you can only advertise Black Friday sales for so long.  Thanksgiving doesn’t really have it’s own genre of music.  It doesn’t have those same happy feelings.  And overall, there’s just very little to sell about Thanksgiving, unless Butterball feels that it’s near monopoly over the holiday isn’t quite enough.

I like Christmas, but I’m just not ready to be bombarded with it yet.  I’m still getting used to the fact that the sun isn’t in the sky anymore after the noon hour and doesn’t appear in the sky until a few minutes before noon.  I still haven’t changed all my clocks to represent our mastery over time and our ability to declare that the hours have changed their position.  Heck, I still haven’t prepped my garage for the fact that I’ll be needing my snowblower in just a couple weeks.

I’m nowhere near ready for winter, much less Christmas.


That being said, I got a little excited about the commercials when they hit my screen this morning.  I’ve got a lot of awesome things in my near future.  By Christmas time, I’ll have a new little dude around to keep me up all night.  Just after Christmas, me and the family will go on our first actual vacation in almost two years (by that point).  There will be all the excitement that comes along with a newborn as well, such as visiting family, and snuggling together for warmth.

And Christmas movies!  I absolutely love having the excuse to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Elf for the 100th and 50th times respectfully (not accurate representations of how much I’ve watched either movie.  the truth is I’ve watched them both many many more times than that).  And…I actually like Christmas music.  I do the whole pretend I’m sick of it by November 15th like everyone else, but honestly, I love that stuff.

I’m a holiday-nut.  And Christmas has all the cool stuff that the other holidays wish they had.  It still sticks to its religious roots, instead of bowing to the candy corporations like a couple other holidays I could name easily.  Yeah, some of you might roll your eyes at that, but the birth of Jesus adds so much more of a feeling of actual meaning to the day.  Christmas is the big day that it is not because it’s yet another holiday stolen from the pagans by the Christians to recognize something completely different than the pagans did.  No, it’s big because it’s a big-ol birthday party, and whether you’re religious or not, you’re enjoying the outpouring of love that Christians have developed because of that.  Sit around and think about all your favorite Easter or Halloween carols.  Then think about the Christmas ones.  Even completely secular groups have to get down to the Silent Nights and the Hark the Heralds.

Christmas has that feeling of meaning something more than the other holidays, even for those who don’t recognize the Christian aspect of the holiday (which is totally your prerogative).  Heck, for many folks, it’s a month long celebration, with advent calendars, elves on shelves, and the whole complete overhaul of house decorations to match the season.  Everywhere you look, the world takes on a different mentality during the month of December (and November, if you are in any way finding yourself in view of any form of marketing).

And although so many of us pretend to be sick of it, or exhausted by it’s arrival, which seems to come earlier and earlier every year, there’s one simple reason it continues to come so early.  We love the season, and the longer we can live in it, the better.

So, seeing as the rest of the marketing world is already wishing you a Merry Christmas, and I’m now one of those folks who is attempting to market himself constantly…Merry Christmas folks!  Only 50 shopping days until Christmas!


2 Replies to “Fat Mogul vs. Christmas”

  1. YAY Christmas! I love Christmas! I’m going to be getting the tree out soon – it’s not too early – ’cause I love the tree. And the presents and people pretending they’re not disappointed with the presents, and the food. Mostly the food.

    1. it’s a little early if you have a real tree….fire hazards are real, folks.

      but if you’ve got one of those aluminum deals (or aluminimumimiam for our British readers), go for it!

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