Fat Mogul vs. A Few (or more) Good Men

click to head to the site to buy yourself some tickets already
click to head to the site to buy yourself some tickets already

I’m not sure that I’ve actually said anything about this in the public forum, but I’m about to take to the stage again.  The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild (a local performance group) is putting on a production of A Few Good Men and were a few men (good or other) short at the time of casting.  I got convinced to join the cast in the role Noah Wylie had in the film (no, I had no clue who that was when told…no, it doesn’t matter)

Honestly, it’s the perfect part for a guy like me, very little stage time, a part that should be a bit of fun for the audience, and a lot of time hanging out backstage and relaxing.  I used to have quite the ambition when it came to the stage, as of late, I’ve realized that those small parts can be great, as you still get the rush of the stage, but have infinitely less work to put into the production…might have something to do with my initial return to the stage where I spent the hour and a half running at full speed in between singing and dancing…I’m a little old for that.

It’s also been really great for catching up on my reading.  I’ve got a lot of reviews to get out, and I’ve been falling behind.  But I’m quickly catching up thanks to the 2+ hour rehearsals in which I’m required to do nothing for all but about 6 minutes.

Seriously, I’m flying through books at speeds I haven’t seen since middle school.

But that’s not what this is here for…this is my call to action, for those of you living in and around the Chippewa Valley.  Come support a great show and a fun cast.  I mean, how often do you get to see courtroom procedural drama on stage?  I mean, outside of Legally Blonde, of course.

And this is an Alan Sorkin show, you know, the guy who did Sports Night and The West Wing, as well as Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (what, you don’t remember this one?  It’s the show that came out at the same time as 30 Rock, was about the same basic thing as 30 Rock, but seemed more like Sports Night).  That means quick-witted banter and a lot of loud dramatic action.

I’m not going to say you’ll come out of there with your sides in stitches or anything, but you might come out with images of a flustered Jack Nicholson in your mind as you remember how red he was able to get his face during the penultimate scene of a film that may or may not have had folks like Kevin Bacon, Tom Cruise, and Kevin Pollack in it.

And Noah Wylie.

So, come on out and watch the reason my kids barely recognize me anymore 😉

At the very least, you’ll get to hear someone say, “You can’t handle the truth!” non-ironically.  That’s a pretty big deal, in my opinion.

But for serious...the show’s shaping up to be something pretty darned special.  I’ve typically strayed away from regionally-produced dramatic plays as they can’t hide flat acting behind loud music, but the amount of energy and heart being pushed into this production is nothing short of spectacular.

It gets loud, ya’ll.

So, come on down and see us…we’ve got shows this weekend and next.

And you may, just maybe, see me attempt to recall my old southern accent…it might be terrible.

Have fun out there!


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