Book Review: Limerence II by Claire C Riley

81H4q4cNuBL._SL1500_Just like the first book in the series, I went into reading it with a bit of hesitation.

Also, like the first book in the series, I spent the first half of the book feeling that it probably wasn’t really the book for me.

And just like the first in the series, I spent the second half of the book flying through pages wanting to see what happens next.

I don’t read much for romance novels, although I’ve found the numbers of such increasing over the past couple years.  As such, I don’t know much about the expectations of the genre.  However, what I do know of the genre makes me think that Riley is slyly attempting to throw that genre on the concrete floor and repeatedly bash its head into a gory mess.

The first fifty percent of Limerence II seems to read as fairly standard romance fare.  Boy and girl are in love, it’s forbidden, they do things anyways.  It’s almost exactly when you hit the center of the book where suddenly the entire tone of the book changes and this becomes much much more, where it becomes a unique monster of a book, guaranteed to keep you rushing toward the end.  In fact, if this book were just the second half, I would easily give it five stars.  Because I’m not one for romance, the first half of the book cuts it down by one.

But that shouldn’t keep you from reading this one. In fact, if you are a romance reader, this is just the type of thing you NEED to read to see what Riley can do with a story.  If you’re not a romance reader, simply skim over the first fifty percent, until the book switches over to PART 2, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Riley loves her monsters and knows how to treat them right.  And when she finally allows her monsters to be freed, we see that they are dark, and scary, and still don’t sparkle.

Pick this one up now!


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