Book Review: A Rat for a Rat by Angelika Rust

515yaJvCWZLI finally cleared out my queue enough to take the plunge into trying out Kindle Unlimited…you know, that service where you spend $10/month to get yourself access to Kindle’s library of over 600,000 titles, including those written by me and many of the authors I have highlighted on the blog here.

I have to admit…it was a little overwhelming jumping into the service.  Many of those titles that folks know from recent movies and the like aren’t on there, which I didn’t really care about anyways, that’s what the library’s for, right?  But the sheer volume of indie authors available on the service is insane.  And for me, a guy who wants to read like that kid from Pokemon wants to collect Pokemon (you know…gotta catch ’em all…side note: was his name Ash?  I’m really lazy at the moment), it’s crazy to know what to pick first as you start perusing all of the available titles from the indie authors you already know you love.

Then I remembered that I hadn’t read Angelika Rust’s sequel to Ratpaths yet and my decision was made.

A Rat for a Rat starts something like five weeks after the end of the first book in the series, where we see that Nivvo’s life has taken somewhat of a return to its old ways, although there are definitely some differences now that we know the truth of his lineage.

In fact, at the start of the book, you’ll find that the city of Istonnia seems placed within a rather tenuous balance of power, one that doesn’t need much to devolve into complete chaos.

Guess what happens next.  🙂

I really enjoyed Ratpaths, it had this light quality within the rather heavy subject matter that made me want to delve further into the world Rust created within.  The juxtaposition of fantasy and mafioso elements really just makes the story stand out from the crowd.  But A Rat for a Rat really takes the series much further than the original, causing us to learn a whole heckuva lot more about the world in which Nivvo lives, learn how all of these pieces fit together to make for a much stronger community than anyone realizes, and, ultimately, gives us a thrilling tale that surrounds one of my favorite fictional characters, Nivvo…someone who might be best described as Han Solo in a mafia film.

I loved this book, and I honestly can’t wait for the third book in this series to come out.  Considering all the chess pieces Rust puts into play by the end of this one, it’s certain to be quite the ride!

Read it now!


2 Replies to “Book Review: A Rat for a Rat by Angelika Rust”

    1. Definitely a must read if you enjoyed the first one. Probably even if you hadn’t.

      And I never actually watched pokemon, so the fact that I was that close makes me feel pretty good… At least I think it does…

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