Fat Mogul vs. The Cold

from powershelldistrict.com I don't know the site or anything, but their cool image came up on a simple google search...and I liked it...and I borrowed it...and click the picture to be taken to the source.
from powershelldistrict.com
I don’t know the site or anything, but their cool image came up on a simple google search…and I liked it…and I borrowed it…and click the picture to be taken to the source.

I don’t know how things are looking where you’re at, but here in western Wisconsin, it’s definitely starting to feel like the first season or two of Game of Thrones…as in everything makes you think, “Winter is Coming”.

It’s cold, suckas…like, too cold.  It just came on like a bad rash.  One day, I’m sitting outside by a fire, sipping a finger’s worth of whiskey while enjoying the fresh night air, the next, I’m trying to find all of the unused pieces of fabric in my house that could be used to keep all of my body heat from escaping.  Right now, as I type this, my fingers are telling me that they would much rather be placed inside some warm pocket, like the one on my hoodie, instead of out in the cold air above my keyboard.

I should probably add that my house, although old, is also drafty…and the start of the cold season can be especially terrible due to the fact that we have radiant heat, all attached together, so, if the room where the thermostat lies states that the house is up to temp, then no heat flows through anywhere.  Of course…the room where the thermostat hangs out also happens to be one of the least draftiest rooms in the whole house…

Saves on the cost of heat (barely) but also causes me to be extra whiny when the shift from warm to frigid happens so quickly.

I’m happy to announce, however, that just now, right when I started this sentence, I began hearing the wonderful noise of heat running through the radiator pipes…I’m unhappy to announce that it stopped before I finished the sentence.

Okay, so I’m whining..and it’s really dumb.  I mean, I’m not even wearing socks here, folks.  There are things I could easily be doing to stay warmer, up to including to push the thermostat up above the 65 degrees its set at.  Heck…taking a quick look at the thermometer that just so happens to hang out in my office here, the room is currently at 68 degrees and getting warmer…if this were spring in Wisconsin, I’d be considering it downright balmy.

The onset of winter, which, in Wisconsin, takes all of about 2 hours, I believe, is an odd duck.  We go from feeling terribly hot to freezing cold (you know, when it’s not actually the temperature at which water will freeze yet).  Our bodies are so fickle that way.  Which seems incredibly dumb because my internal temperature stays the same.  I’m still just as warm as I was yesterday…but my body still whines.

Perhaps it’s that growing, that gnawing fear of which every character ever in Game of Thrones seems to be most concerned….Winter really is coming.  And I can’t say I’m all that excited for it.

Of course, there’s plenty to be excited about for this winter.  My kids are finally digging sledding, something not found until the end of last winter.  I’ve got a new kid on the way, who is already showing that he’s a cool kid (you know, through his morse-code kicks stating as much).  I’ve got a few really fun books that I’m working on during these colder months…and…well…you know…I might actually, finally, build that snow fort I’ve been wanting to build.

Oh, yeah, and the internet seems equally excited and unhappy about pumpkin spice or something.  So, I guess that’s cool…but that’s more of a fall thing.  We don’t have fall in Wisconsin.  I mean, we have that one day of the year where all of the leaves fall off all of the trees, meaning that my yard suddenly looks as though I haven’t paid attention to it in months, causing every young person hoping to make some cash to stop by and offer to rake them up for me, since I’m so completely incapable.

That was yesterday, by the way…

So…yeah…winter is coming…I put up all the storm windows yesterday after returning home to a very cold house.  I took the air conditioning unit out of the window.  I built my blanket fort over my bed to keep anyone from being able to disturb my perfectly insulated body-heat fortress.  And I actually put on my winter jacket.

Sure, that was just for a minute while I walked out to put out the garbage, due to my wife stealing my sweatshirt because she was cold inside the house and didn’t want to walk all the way up to our bedroom…but still, it made me a little sad.

My shorts have been retired.  So has my speedo.  Now it’s just long underwear and three layers of flannel until spring finally comes for that one day twenty-three months from now.

I’m pretty excited for spring.  😉

Have fun out there!  Someone said it snowed here the other night…



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